Woman In Trouble For Trying To Sell Baby At Taco Bell

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You know when there are news stories out there that when you read them you think that it has to be a joke – well this is that sort of news story for me.

A 36 year old women in Vancouver tried to sell her infant son at Taco Bell – yes you read correctly tried to sell her infant son for $500.00.  The women went to a Taco Bell and approached a women at the restaurant handed the customer her 3 -day-old son and said the price tag was $500.00.


Thankfully 911 was called and she was arrested and the boy was placed into protective custody. And she is now being held on $50k bail.

I cannot come up with any reason why she would do something like this – I would like to get YOUR thoughts on the subject and what you think should happen with this case

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  • sam james

    My thought first was mine are so precious. I can’t imagine why. Then thought she must be on something. Or crazy. Either way she needs help. I read stuff like this and then hold mine a little tighter with an extra kiss.

  • tamara

    This is one of the reasons why I became a foster parent, to help those children in need when their birth families can’t, or won’t, take care of them. A couple years ago we fostered a little girl who’s situation was very similar, her birth mom sold her for drugs. So, for me, I’m not all that surprised to hear of a situation like this, because that’s kind of my life right now. With each child that we foster, it’s like a new drama sitcom. It just makes me really sad that some people can treat their precious children like this. I do a lot of crying for these little ones.

  • Kim T.

    I’m a 36 year old mom myself. My kids are no longer babies, son is 13, daughter is almost 15, I can NOT imagine what would make a mother attempt something like this. I know it happens a good bit but have no idea why. I agree with the above post that she had to be “on” something and looking for money to get more. I just don’t understand how people can do these things. Why have a baby in the first place if you don’t want one? There are easy ways to prevent it. GAH! Just makes me so upset and sick!!!

  • Tracy

    My only thoughts are, why would someone do something like this? It took my husband and I 9 years to have our first child, I thank GOD everyday that I was so blessed to have 3 beautiful healthy children. At least she didnt hand it to another person with some issues. Do people not know that there is a law that you can take your child to any hospital and serrender them with no consiquinces? What a shame I hope she gets some help.

  • Aprile Mazey

    This story makes me think that maybe she wanted her baby taken away. Almost like she just made up a reason for someone to do it so the baby would be better off. I don’t know. These people should not have kids in the first place.

  • Sandi

    She is probably a drug addict and this happens more ofen than we hear. I hope they jail her and throw the key away. Unfortunately, the baby would be better off without her in its life. She might just be another Casey Anthony……

  • Kelly

    I cannot imagine not wanting you child, but, some people are not meant to be parents. I would rather hear a story like this then ones of children living a life of hell because the parent abused and neglected them all their lives. I would like to think that the woman just wanted the baby to be safe and taken care of knowing she could not provide the child with a safe life.

  • timmsa

    Like you, when I first read the title I thought it was a joke. Then as I was read it I thought “wow why would a mom do this”? I mean she carried this baby for 9 months felt it move and heard his heart beat. How could a mom do this? If she didn’t want the baby, she had 9 months to find someone who wants a child.
    I hope she stays in jail, and the little one is placed with a loving family. And they adopt him. his needs a good stable life.

    I am the mom of 3 boys, and I love all my kids. My older 2 are teenagers and my youngest was a surprise I love them with all my heart. And I would never do anything to hard my kids. I mean my days are trying sometimes, because my older 2 are mentally disabled but still I love my kids.

    This is just so wrong.

  • patty

    it just break my heart, make me sick to my stomach. there are lot’s of people out in this world that can’t have babies and for this women to be bless with a child is unbelievable.if she didn’t want this child she could have gave him up for adoption to someone who could raise him and love him.i hope they put this lady away for good and they need to make sure women like her are not allowed to have kids.to many kids these day are sold and beat and just abusive we need to do something to help these children in need

  • stefanie moore

    I would say she knew that she couldn’t care for the kid as the kid needed….judging by the fact that he was only being sold for five hundred dollars and medical bills to deliever alone are over 2 grand she was obviously in some need of money. Could be her need for drug money or with this economy money for daily living.

  • Shana D

    I am glad she did it… people like that don’t deserve children and now the baby will be taken away! It baffles me that there are people like that in the world.