Look At The “Surprise” A Child Received in Their Capri Sun…

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I am giving everyone fair warning the picture after the link is not pretty…. I just found a Capri Sun coupon — but I will not be posting it now… Wonder when the recall will be… But the BIG question is –

Will You still be buying Capri Sun?

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This picture was taken by Amber who bought this Capri Sun for her children…

When her son was finishing his drink he felt something funny with his straw – so they cut it open to this!!!!!

I did some more research apparently Capri Sun does NOT use preservative in their drinks so this is a reason – things can “grow” in it

I just found another horrible thing found in a Capri Sun

Family finds large “fleshy mold” in Capri Sun; two weeks later, Kraft says it’s “unpleasant but not a safety issue” on Facebook

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  • Robin

    This is not new, and so far no recall. There was something found AWHILE back in a Capri Sun and said when it was opened up it stunk to high heaven.

  • Amaris Larribas

    This is the second time I have seen something posted with photos of utterly disgusting things inside of a Capri Sun… The other thing appeared to be some kind of skin or condom?? Why isn’t something being done??? My kids love those things but I just don’t want to buy them now! >_<

  • Jonel

    Oh my! That is gross! walmart actually just had a sale 3 boxes for like $6 i think and i almost bought them but didnt and so thankful i didnt now! I will not be letting my daughters drink these anymore!

  • Jammie

    This is not the first time something like this was found in capri sun. I think about a year ago it was, the same thing… They didn’t do a recall then either, they blamed it on a puncture that got in the package.

  • Niki Bradley

    OMG…yuck! That is the second time I have seen something like that with that particular Capri Sun brand. All I can say is I am NEVER buying Capri Sun again!!!

  • Katey

    I have seen things similar about Capri Sun. It was almost two years ago now. I stopped buying them after that. But now, for some reason, I have some in the fridge. The box is still closed though..I will be tossing it.

  • Jonel

    i know its nasty but the “mold” can be from setting and the package leaking def! syrup does this even in pops especially fountain pop machines. it is not un normal even tho its super nasty! i didnt think id ever c it in a capri sun but i have cleaned several pop machines n previous jobs and the lines where they drain have this alot but they r supposed to b cleaned out daily to rid this type of thing and prevent it

  • Ericah

    i will continue to buy, if i stopped buying everything with a problem or eating at restaraunts that we r not sure what goes on it the kitchen…i wouldnt eat at all.

  • Kate

    I agree that things happen BUT Kraft didn’t respond in the correct way. They could have at least refunded her money and given her an enormous amount of coupons to apologize. I’m very disappointed in the company. Kudos to the stores who listen to their customers and remove items like these off their shelves!

  • Tandi

    Ewwww…..I just served Capri Suns at my daughters birthday 2 weeks ago. I feel sick now. I won’t be buying them ever again.

  • Audrey

    Ifound something like that atthe bottom of a chocolate milk bottle, when I called the company, they informed me that no preservitive in their product, and that theremusthave been a very small pin holein the foil covering in which air got into it. That juice bG must have had a tiny hole also.

  • Star Norman

    I think it’s gross but we ALL complain about preservatives and this is the sacrifice we make. Gross but what’s the lesser of two evils?

  • John

    I used to work at a Welch’s processing plant. It’s not that uncommon for “foreign” objects to appear in any processed food. The FDA allows a certain percentage of material in ANY food product to be “foreign material”, as it is impossible to keep it all out. We even found a dead bird at the bottom of a storage tank once.

  • Rebecca

    I for one will not be buying anymore of these until they come out with the clear pouches so you can see what is inside!

  • Beth campbell

    Don’t know for sure If I will be buying again or not. Never buy them unless they are on sale anyway. But I do have to agree with a previous poster, we cannot have it both ways. Either the drinks have preservatives in them and we have the issues of those, or they don’t have preservatives in them and we have to deal with possible spoilage. I bought a case of fruit cups one time from Sams, 1 container had a small hole in the top, it ended up containimating the entire box of fruit cups! This happens sometimes, either in transit, or even at individual stores when they are opening the products to put on shelves. I’ve seen how some stockers open and stock products in teh stores. To say they are less then careful would be an understatement. I always check all my products no matter what they are when buying them, because on occassion I’ve gotten ones that were sliced open from the razor knife used to open the cases!

  • Lea

    I think that is so gross, but as someone stated above we can’t have it both ways, no preservatives etc. But i do agree that a clear pouch would solve a little of the bad PR. THen we could see to tell if anything was wrong and if there is a bad batch there should be some sort of apology or refund from the company!

  • Jill

    The capri sun roaring waters kind used to have see through backs. I wonder if they still do and if they don’t that is interesting….hmmmmm 🙂

  • Rebeca

    This is scary. I drink these with my daughter and to think they could kill me. If it is mold that is bad for me. I am highly allergic to mold spores. I can not even eat fresh mushrooms because they contain the spores so if I were to drink a contaminated one I can only imagine what could happen. The worst part is Kraft does not find it serious. Well it is to me. I will not ne buying them any more that is for sure.

  • Michelle Collins

    I’m opening up a box of mine tomorrow. I thought it tasted a bit off this morning when I went to give it to my daughter but thought it was just me not liking the flavor very much. Hopefully come morning I don’t find something awful.

  • ConsumerBell

    Thanks for posting this Budget Savvy Diva. We reported on mold in Capri Sun in 2010 and this is a great update. We’re working on following up with Kraft Foods to get to the bottom of what it is in that Capri Sun and what the company is doing to address consumers.

    If you’ve had any experience like this with Capri Sun, please contact me, Derek Lactaoen, at [email protected] or visit us at http://blog.consumerbell.com and let us know.


  • dani

    This is very gross. I buy these for my kid’s, I even like em. But, I won’t anymore and I mean that. Because it has happened before , ( if I would have know that I never woilda bought em again) ……..We, my kid’s and I both have VERY weak stomach’s and just the thought of knowing this and that it could be in mine, I hate it, but I will not ever buy Capri-Sun again. Sorry. Some people are saying we can’t have both..NO we can’t, BUT , it is DIFFRENT when it happen’s more than once and you can see it with your own eye’s and you know about it. YUCK! So Long CS!!!!!!!!! H.S.

  • Erica

    The roaring waters are the only things that I buy my son and put in his lunch box! I imagine that other juice boxes have similiar issues. Someone else put if you stopped buying everything because of issues there would be nothing left…I am kind of on the fence about continuing to buy them!!! What can we give our kids nowadays?