*Brag Worthy Shopping Trip* $3.06 Moneymaker at Home Depot and Walmart

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Thanks! Reader Kim

This is what she wrote

I went to Home Depot to originally look at light fixtures and stumbled across an AWESOME sale…..

“Bounty Basics 54c each!!”

I bought 56 and used 28 $1 off ANY two bounty rolls or napkins

Then I went across the road to Walmart and bought…

10 trial size packs of Breath Right Strips (97c) I used 10 $1.50 off 12 count or smaller, making each one a 53c MONEY MAKER

So if I take out the $2.24 it cost me for the Paper Towels this trip was a $3.06 MONEY MAKER!!!!!!

I never did get my light fixture LOL