Brag Worthy Shopping Trip: 88% Saving At Walgreens

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This is readers Jade’s Shopping Trip

This is what she wrote

    I went to my local Walgreens yesterday and got an AWESOME deal! They weren’t really advertising that these gift sets were on sale, but I kind of suspected they might be included in the 75% off holiday sale, so I asked the cashier to price check the items and was glad I did. I got 2 Dove shampoo & body wash sets at $2.49 each, 2 Aveeno shampoo & conditioner sets at $2.49 each (plus a $3 off coupon!) and 2 Olay Regenerist sets at $6.99 a piece. My total price was just under $23 for $103 of products! But their gift sets were already a great deal at the regular price so I figure I saved even more, considering they sell the Aveeno Shampoo for about $7 a bottle and just one jar of regenerist cream by itself sells at Walgreens for $32 🙂

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