Why Does Watson Like Forts?

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Who could not just love Watson πŸ™‚ I just realized yesterday that we have now had him for 6 months!

He has always been vocal but the last couple months it has gotten more extreme. His favorite thing to do is jump on my computer and start MEOOWWWING! ( I think that is the correct spelling)

I give him attention, give him Miss Piggy, or get him some food. But soon after he is back to the MEOOWWWING!

If I ignore him he will pull at my arm.

BUT I have found one thing ( other then Miss Piggy) to keep him content and it is a FORT!

Now my question is why does he like forts so much ?! I build him a fort and he will be content for hours — well until he is hungry.

Any idea why folks?

Here is the fort from today – Enjoy πŸ™‚