Brag Worthy Shopping Trip: CVS Paid This Couponer – $10.97

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Thanks! Reader Cassie

This is what she wrote
CVS paid me $10.97 after ECB to buy all of this stuff! This is how I did it: I did 2 transactions~The 1st one I bought the Thermacare heat wrap for $3.79. I paid $4.05 after tax and received $3.79 ECB. My 2nd transaction I bought the 2 Hydro Silk razors(9.99 each), 2 Power Select razors (9.99 each), 4 Mento’s gums($1 each), 4 Up2U gums 9($1 each), and 2 Colgate Pro-Relief toothpastes(4.99 each). When the cashier totalled me out it was $61.66. I used a $10 off $50 coupon I got on a receipt from a prior purchase, 2-$4 hydro silk coupons, 2-$4 power select coupons, 4-$1 Up2U coupons, 4-.55 Mento’s coupons, 2- .75 colgate coupons, the $3.79 ECB from the 1st transaction and I had $12 ECB from another purchase. So after all my coupons my total was a whopping $8.98 and I received $24 ECB for my next shopping trip! $8.98+4.05=$13.03(money I spent). $24.00 ECB-13.03=$10.97 profit!! YAY!! I was shaking when I left the store!! lol


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  • Kristina W

    I’m sure i’ll be booed for this but I think it’s wrong when couponers get money back. That means money out of the companies pocket. And if 5 people did that in one day it’s $50, in a month $1,500, in a year that’s $18,000. No company can stand up under an $18,000 a year loss of income. What happens is stores have to compensate by raising prices, which means us couponers who are respectful in our coupon usage end up paying MORE for basic items to make up for the loss of profit extreme couponers accumulate. Some stores are going into bankruptcy not simply because of couponers, but they certainly don’t help. If you use a manufacturers coupon the store is refunded by the company, if you get PAID for coupon overage the company eats the cost.

    I’d rather pay less per item, than more and use coupons, either way it evens out, but if i pay less per item I don’t need to worry about not having a coupon and that item being expensive.

    I’m glad some stores are putting rules about coupon usage to keep their costs down.

    • Lauren

      Its not actually money out of their pockets. The ECBs have to be spent in their store and they are going to be reimbursed from the coupons.

    • Amy M

      Kristina I agree with what you are saying, but in this instance she recieved ECB bucks which are not cash. ECB are like cash back, and CVS gives out ECB for certain items a consumer buys in almost every Sunday ad.

    • Ruth

      The companies that put out the coupons regulate how much they can afford to loose on their products through coupons and ONLY PRINT that amount. Its not like they are printing off lots of coupons past regulation. Lol, you can tell when they have 1 larger coupon that gets used like crazy, then they come out with smaller ones because now some of those coupons were used to “hook” people on the product. If a company was loosing too much on the coupons they would stop putting them out. Don’t worry about the companies and how they advertise with their coupons, they are doing just fine!

  • Jennifer

    I think this shopping trip was so awesome! 🙂 She didnt do anything unethical and still got more ECB for her next trip. 🙂 Way to go Cassie!

  • Danielle Nelson

    I agree to an extent. I went to walmart last week. My fiancee uses heat patches almost everyday after work. I had four coupons for the precise patches. They were free after coupons and pricematching. I had been all over town looking for them. When I went down the aisle I realized they actually had them in stock. As I was getting four of them a lady came up behind me and cleaned the shelf. There was probably 15 left. I mentioned it was a good deal and she responded she doesn’t even use them but since they were free that is why she was getting them. I asked if she donates them. She said no. That is when I said what she was doing was wrong. To take product and not use or donate it when others that use it cant even find it in stores. I really dislike the extreme couponers. They give everyone a bad name.

    • Ruth

      I would have to agree! I also get things for free on price matching and carefully using coupons where I see I can get it with a deal, i have a small stock pile i try to keep stocked up a few months out, BUT I never buy something if my family can’t use it, my church, or missionary parents wont be able to use it. I also give away coupons I know I don’t need or will use to friends. There are times I have used overage on products to help pay for my grocery bill but I make sure they were all easy donated objects. Some couponers are worse then hoarders, all they are doing is organizing their hoard.

  • Jaimee

    It looks like she was totally legit and received ECBs, not cash back. CVS sets limits as to how many you can buy and you have to go back to CVS to use the ECBs, so it is a win win for the customer and CVS.

  • Jackie

    good trip…but will the items she purchased actually be used, or “shelfed”? She said she was shaking when she left the store, I think she’s more after the “rush” than she is the savings!

  • A.

    Great trip!!! These are all items that we use – so good job! And i love the ECBs that CVS uses. Also, if you read the find print on most coupons, it states” …will reimburse the face value of the coupon, plus 8 cents.” I could be mistaken, but the way I understand it is that the manufacturer reimburses the store the face value of the q plus handling charge. Not the price of the product. So if the customer does not get the overage, the store actually pockets the diff between the face value of the q and the product price. Anyone in retail that can enlighten us on this????

  • Jen

    looks good, I did a similar deal, but found the legendary schick hydro gels $2 peelies, so got some free shave gel too! I <3 couponing

  • smo

    I guess there’s a fine line between what people think is the correct thing to do. Do what you feel is right. Personally, I kind of think companies and stores have a profit margin built in even if an item is free. Just my two cents. I’m not greedy butI do like a good deal. And with that, I only buy items my family and I use. I don’t see the need to buy KY jelly to make money, ha ha 🙂 And I don’t think I would donate it either…that’s another issue for debate.
    However, to each their own.