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Can I tell you how much I LOVE Swagbucks (ย  they are not paying me to say this ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

I have been using this rewards program for about three years. The concept is that you want to collect swagbucks which you can turn in for prizes.

My favorite is the $5 Amazon Gift Cardย  – I save up my gift cards and buy things I want ( like the items above)

I got a salt box

and 4 red canisters for my flour, sugar, brown sugar; rice ๐Ÿ™‚

The cost came out to about $35I had just enough in saved Amazon Gift Cards. It took me from about Christmas time to now to accumulate them. There are more ways to gain Swagbucks faster like watching videos and playing games.

You may notice that I post swagbucks alerts almost everyday when I stumble upon them. Another way I gain swagbucks is using their search engine.

If you have not yet head on over HERE and sign up ๐Ÿ™‚

Find out how Swagbucks works

If you have had any experience with Swagbucks or have snagged free goodies like me please share your story in the comment section


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  • Kelly Shenouda

    Good Job!!! I love swagbucks and I have just about that much…when it’s free, it’s hard to decide what you need/want first! HAHA

  • Lindy

    I use my swagbucks amazon gift cards to buy ink to print coupons. I have not spent more than $3 on an ink cartridge since I started using swagbucks!

  • darcey palermo

    I have been earning about 25.00 a month with swagbucks.I have set myself an April goal of 25.00 amazon cards and a 25.00 dominos card.I have already cashed in my 5 5.00 amazon cards for the month.I have 1700 points towards the Dominos card so far.

  • Deanna Adkins

    Lat Year I was able to collect enough swag bucks to redeem for amazon gift cards, That I was able to purchase, for my daughter, for Christmas an Ipod touch for christmas! She was so suprised, I would not have been finacially able with out Using Swag Bucks! Great Program.

  • Bridget Merker

    I have gotten a Lowe’s Gift Card for my husband too! I have also gotten a few CVS gift cards – and with sales, coupons and ECB – made them last for months.

  • mrs b

    I LOVE my Swagbucks amazon gift cards.
    Other ways to rack up are to install the toolbar (it’s safe–Norton has no problems with it) because you get one Swagbuck a day just for opening your browser, and do the daily poll (also one Swagbuck, but it takes two seconds to do).

    Also, check the daily deals page before you purchase any Groupons, because you can earn 45 swag bucks for starting your purchase through their site. They also feature Eversave (whose site I love), but I have had a harder time getting credit for those purchases.
    Groupon sales credit you swag bucks immediately (hit refresh on their main site and you will see them), Eversave works through trial pay and there are a lot of conditions to meet to earn Swagbucks–for example, you cannot use any credits or coupons that Eversave has given you and still earn the swagbucks. Eversave does not allow you to opt out of using a credit on a purchase, it automatically applies it)
    I love to buy shoes and music with mine, and I put a bunch towards a Bulova watch I had my eye on for awhile (it was a $500+ watch, Amazon had it on sale for $250, I had gift cards from holidays, gift cards from Swagbucks, and gift cards I won for doing research at school–it cost me $22 OOP!).

    Also–there’s an app for that! I have Swagbucks search on my Android phone and can search/earn bucks while on the go.

    I do not work for either company–I just love both Amazon AND Swagbucks!

  • Amanda Moree

    I turn in my swagbucks for Amazon gift cards as well. I just purchased 2 Neoprene Life Jackets for my children. It would have cost me $120 for both of them, but thanks to Swagbucks I got them for FREE!! A BIG YAY for Swagbucks!

  • Renee kent

    Im signed up with swagbucks but noy quite sure how it works.. Can u please hrlp me.. Id appreciate it…thanx

  • Stephanie Huff

    My first order just shipped out yesterday. Our dogs are desperate for new toys, and, well, they chew too hard and they’re small dogs, so I simply went ahead and purchased some raw hide chews (as much as I despise them) so they would have something for a bit, we’re struggling on income atm, so this makes me feel I did something. I’ll be saving the rest of my swag for bigger items like christmas and especially when HIS bday is just before lol. Lord knows I get myself free stuff 24/7 with help from all you lovely bloggers!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lindsay Roberts

    I signed up for swagbucks in aug 2011 and have been swagging ever since. I have been able to save enough amazon giftcards to score myself a FREE itouch. It’s totally worth it and doesn’t cost you ANYTHING. I use it as my search engine, watch swagbucks tv, swagbucks mobile, and take surveys. People are silly if they aren’t using it! I’m working on scoring as many $50 amazon giftcards as i can before xmas so I can shop for FREE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Deborah

    Been using Swagbucks for about 2 years. Now that I have a Nook, Iโ€™ve been saving points for Barnes and Noble gift cards and have ordered a LOT of books that I didnโ€™t have to worry about paying my hard earned cash for; bought a few Lowes gift cards last year that paid for about ยฝ of the hardwood flooring that I had installed in my living room and have gotten some free Starbucks to get my coffee fix

  • Fanny

    I love Swagbucks its the best ever I have not paid for diapers or wipes since my son was 6 months and he is 26 months now… Saved sooo much!!