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I would love advice on this matter.

First off my husband and I are use to apartment living and the noises that come with the territory. We try and be as quiet as possible such taking off our shoes at the doorway or using headphones while listening to music.

We decided to upgrade to a nicer apartment and be on the top floor since I work from home.

Before we moved I had my parents check out the apartment – asking them about the noise. The first apartment they showed us was right on a busy street with a large shopping center that just opened across from it. We asked if there was another unit because noise would make or break it since I work from home. Again I understand apartment noise but I would like an apartment where I could start making Budget Savvy Diva videos.

They said that we could have their model unit ( it was a model unit for about 3 months) . I asked about the noise and I was told there was no problem with the unit.

Last night was our first night at the apartment – about 11 pm at night we were awoken by a conversation taking place. It was so loud it was like the conversation was taking place in our room. I looked out the window and realized it was coming from the apartment below us – the resident was outside talking.

We ended up having to use ear plugs to get back to sleep.

The next morning

Mr.Savvy left for work and I started finding deals πŸ˜‰ I start hearing all these noises – almost like someone was hammering something to the wall. Then I heard voices. Not muffled voiceΒ  – I could understand everything that was being said. Mr.Savvy came home from work and could not believe the noise level. This constant noise lasted for about 8 hours.

The next day Mr.Savvy told the office about the situation and was told a call to the neighbor would be made. He was told that the neighbors already had noise complaints against themΒ  – hmm why were we told that there was no noise problem…

It was quiet until nighttime. Again the same thing hearing conversations taking place. It sounds like if someone had a t.v on loudly in the next room. I could even hear a phone conversation that one of the residents was having with a guy named Mark. We end up watching Chopped but had a hard time listening because the noise below – of course we could up the volume but we do not want to annoy our neighbors.

I ended up cooking today’s daily recipe rather late Southwestern Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch Recipe because I was working on another project that evening ( I cannot wait to share it with you – but I have to stay mum for now).

As I rolled the egg rolls Watson kept me company – It was around 10 pm at night.

Quick Picture I Snapped Last Night

Watson entertained himself by opening the sink cabinet as shown in the article Β  Watson Moves Into The New Apartment . I stopped him after the 3rd time – what he does is use his paw to open the door and then try and catch the door with his arm – it is NOT an exact science so most of the time the cabinet door closes.

Today Mr.Savvy tells me we got a call from the office about a NOISE COMPLAINT. So we headed to the office to get more information.

This is what they said.

The complaint was from the neighbors below us ” surprise surprise ”

It was concerning at noise being made at 10 pm at night. They said I was trying to “harass” them by slamming every cabinet door ( there are 15 total in the kitchen) 3 times… I knew right away that they were complaining about Watson.

Can you believe it?

But it gets better… The office suggest that we met with the neighbors to hash things out ( I guess I would have to bring Watson) – she said they are really positive and want to make things work.

Get this –

They have rearranged their whole schedule around you – not to annoy you.Β  —- I am really impressed in 2 days they know our whole schedule.

They are even planning on waking up their kids at 3 am to make you happy. — Wait what ?!

I quickly told her — the problem is not the kids ( kids will be kids I understand that) – the problem is the adults and being able to hear EVERYTHING they say… Also them saying I was slamming every drawer three times does not make me feel warm and fuzzy.

The office worker said … “Oh… See they were actually VERY upset – they thought you were talking about their kids.” Wait I thought they were positive

I explained I do not know how a conversation is going to change their habits of how they talk… They were already talked to before and it did not make a difference.

I asked point blank – ” You knew noise was a deal breaker … Why were we not told” The office person said ” Because of confidentality we cannot reveal anything about residents.” Β Β  Does anyone know if this is true?!

At this point we are walking on egg shells – we hear NO NOISES from other neighbors who all have kids and would like your opinion – please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section

We can break the lease and be fined about $1,000. We can move to a different unit at a higher cost per month. We can met with the couple ( I am willing to do this but I am unsure about the usefulness of it)


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    • Annie

      I totally agree with moving. I had the exact same problems and it only got worse. I would hear conversations from people walking by all the time i even could here the downstairs neighbor cough. It was that the walls where so damn thin, also our electric bill was completely outrageous because of this. During the winter our bill would be around $175 and during the summer well over $250. There are ways of getting your deposit back but it would require you standing your ground and maybe even being a bitch.

      • Annie

        I also wanted to add that next time maybe you should look for a place that has condo specs. The last place we lived in had this and it was amazing you couldn’t hear a damn thing. My neighbor was a guitar player and we couldn’t even hear him practice.

  • Katie

    After hours you may be able to get the police involved concerning local curfews/etc. I had to do this before (upstairs neighbors peeing off the balcony, smoking pot, being loud) Then once the police inquired them, they backed down. I know you can make anonymous complaints, but you can quickly figure out who ratted. Good luck, I know how you feel! Glad I rent a house now!

    • Mary

      I agree completely about the cops. My husband works in apartment complexes, so unfortunately, they are right in saying that they are unable to give out certain information, but after hours is a different story. Call the cops and let them deal with it. If you decide to move, my advice would be hunt down a maintenance employee. Typically they have more information on the residents than the office staff (my husband is in maintenance and we get this all the time) and have zero problems giving you the “real” story on who you will be sharing your space with.

  • Robyn

    Next time the neighbors are that noisy call the cops and say there is something going on and a lot of noise. If the apartment complex is not willing to fix the problem then you may have to file several noise complaints with the police and then you will be able to have legal standing to move out and make sure you document everything. If you have a video camera even if you can’t get a clear pic but it picks up the noisy conversation it will help prove your point.
    I have had issue with the place we live (my brother bought a house so we can not just pick up and move) but letting the cops know about the noise and getting it recorded and getting video of the kids from behind being in our yard has helped. They are no longer a problem for fear of a lawsuit.

  • Ahzuri

    Honestly I would ask about breaking the lease, asking that they wave/lessen the fee because they told you there was no noise issue and there clearly is, especially since there have been previous complaints on these folks. I don’t know if it would work but would defiantly be worth a try. If it doesn’t I would try and see if they can get you the other unit at the same price for the inconvenience of the noise you suffer threw. I mean they shouldn’t be telling you how upset these other people are because you complained first I have to wonder if they aren’t just complaining to get back at you for it.

  • Anna

    Get out quick. Loose the mney and look for another apartment in a different complex all together. I used to be a leasing agent. These things can get ugly fast. Also very concerned that the complex didn’t tell you the truth on more than one occassion. Seriously, run away!

    • Malorie

      I agree!!! Get out of there. The complex should not be giving out information regarding the source of the complaint. Plus being lied to does not look good for the complex or management. Generally if you throw around the idea of lawsuits people tend to be willing to work things out. You have not been there very long ask for your money back there should be no penalty!

  • Tamra

    I would speak to a lawyer for a consultation or ask around. You may be able to break lease due to breech of contract. You asked about noise level and they never disclosed the noise complaints until after you moved in. Sounds like it should be on them.

    • Tiffany

      Thats what I was going to suggest too! I know it is crappy, you guys just moved, but I would move out of the whole entire complex and into another one. They were fully aware of you wanting and needing a quiet place, and they even suggested this one to you! I would start looking ASAP for another place. Find one you really like, and go there several times during the same day, morning, after school hours and at night to hear for yourself the noise levels. When you find a place, let your current place know of the situation and since you have not been there long, and they suggested this apt. to you, that they knew had a noise problem from previous people (its not like you were asking about individuals, just the area), they should let you out of the agreement. If not, get a lawyer. And your lawyer can even charge the apartment place his/hers fees as long as you act quickly, because you havent been there that long at all!

  • Michele

    I feel your pain–I also live on the top floor of an apartment (7th to be exact) and it seems sound travels upwards–I hear every conversation that is had on the street–not to mention the honking cars and what have you. I get sooo confused because I actually can’t tell whether my phone is ringing or my next door neighbors!!–Talking to them probably won’t work unfortunately–but I guess you could try it–


  • Theresa M

    You are in a lose lose situation, the apt office should have told you about previous complaint..so my advice is this, do not talk to the neighbors, they already lied about you, and somewhere in the mix the story is getting twisted..it is the offices responsibility to warn them..or they can waive the 1000 Fee and move you somewhere else because they did not disclose the noise complaint prior to you accepting that apt, further they can move you to another location for the same price you are paying now, because of the non disclosure…come on wake the kids up at 3am, Watson opening and closing all the cabinets…please

  • Sydni

    http://www.arizonatenants.com/ is a good site with legal info and advice about tenants rights in AZ. If you end up needing to break the lease, the lawyer there can probably find a legal way to do it so you don’t have to pay the $1000. I’ve worked with him in the past, but I can’t remember what his rates are like – probably less than $1000 though.

  • knottybynature

    You might have to get ugly with them. Even threaten to report them to the BBB. They told you that there was no noise problem with the unit, and they were apparently wrong.

    You haven’t been there very long at all – ask them for the next available apartment that meets your size accommodations. Heck, sometimes there are more than one apartment owned by the same group and they can move you to another complex altogether.

    Somehow, without ever meeting these people, they seem like a handful. Just think…they complained about your -cat-. What happens if you ever have guests?

  • Dawn

    I wish you the best of luck with this. Obviously the apartments are not soundproofed very well at all if your downstairs neighbors can hear your cupboard doors slamming, and you can hear every conversation they have through your walls. First thing I would do is invest in some of those door bumpers for your cabinets… not fair that Watson should suffer because of some crabby neighbors. πŸ™‚ Use a coupon if you can, of course!
    Second, I would have a conversation with the neighbors, even if you do no think it would help, you never know… you might find some new friends. If that does not work out, address the management and remind them that they told you there was NO noise problem with the apartment before you signed the lease… obviously there is. It is a tough situation to be in, and I hope it gets resolved quickly. As a last resort, ask management if you can move to another unit if one becomes available. A huge hassle, I know, but it sure beats losing $1000 by breaking your lease. Best of luck to you and your Savvy family!

    • Julie

      I do think at least attempting a civil conversation with the neighbors is worth a shot before you make any rash decisions. Remember, you are hearing their “responses” secondhand through the manager. Who knows if what the manager is telling them about you and vice versa is actually true and accurate. I’ve had some shady apartment managers before. Those that say conversations don’t work only say that because they didn’t work in their example. Every situation is different. I’ve found that a lot of disagreements can be resolved if the parties just talk to each other amicably. They might even find it funny that it was the cat making the cabinet noise. I would also maybe come armed with some delicious goodies or something to try and smooth things over πŸ™‚ If it’s still a problem after you talk to them, then maybe start looking at what your other options are. They could also be displeased because they were used to living under an empty apartment and now they have new noises to deal with also.

      I used to live in a loft, and me and the guy upstairs moved in at the same time. He was recently divorced and living up the bachelor life, which involved bringing home ladies wear high heels at 2 or 3am on weeknights. There was no insulation between the floors so I could hear EVERYTHING. I expected to be able to hear some noise due to the type of building, but the sounds that got me the most was the walking around. Finally after a few nights I went up there at 3am and talked to him and he was super apologetic, he didn’t really realize how loud it was. The next day he brought me a bottle of wine and apologized again, and said in the future he would ask everyone to remove their shoes, and he also went out and bought some area rugs. So, just a short civil conversation was all that was needed to resolve the problem. There were quite a few other instances where he, his guests, and his children (who visited on weekends) were noisier than I’d like, but since he had made such a good effort in the beginning to resolve the problem, I did not get upset. I just invested in earplugs for the remainder of my lease.

      BTW it is against Federal Housing Regulations for a leasing agent or salesperson to say anything about who else lives in the complex. You can’t say if they’re old, young, single, married, childless, 10 kids, black, white, gay, basically nothing. The FHA sends out “secret shoppers” to check to make sure everything’s kosher also. I’ve worked in the real estate industry for almost 11 years and anybody with a license or representing someone with a license has to take courses all about this stuff. I’m not sure if there’s anything that pertains to them disclosing a noise problem though. There probably isn’t though because acceptable noise levels are subjective.

  • Holly

    I would check the laws in your state for tenant rights pretty sure you have a time frame in which to break a lease without penalty. I would at the very least speak with the tenant regarding the situation to “clear the air” on the he said she said dept which is clearly taking place in the apt management office. But in the end I would look into another apartment where you guys feel comfortable in your own home!

  • Sibyl

    I would document everything that’s happening. I would use pictures, recordings, written records, etc. Then I would see an attorney (hopefully one with a free consultation) and find out what your rights are. I’d hate to see you have to lose your deposit so you can be comfortable in your own home. If they knew that these people were loud and had already received complaints then they shouldn’t have promised you a quiet apartment and you shouldn’t have to pay more to get into an apartment that you can live in peacefully!

  • Shyonna J.

    I suggest that you meet with the couple, what harm can it do? You already have your reservations about the couple and the worst they can do is confirm them. You should apologize for Watson regardless, that way you can say you have taken responsibility for your “noise issue” Secondly, you should record the noise that you hear from your apartment if you intend to stay there. You need proof of your issues, otherwise it’s your word vs. theirs. And whether you decide to record your neighbors or not, you need to think about if you want to deal with the (what seems like to me) unhelpful staff where you live. Sometimes it’s better to pay $1000 and get away from nasty people and live in a place where you feel comfortable making normal living noises! You haven’t been living there that long so think of all of the potential bad that could come in the next 363 days!

  • Katie

    LOL and once we lived in an apartment with private entries. Naturally there was grass and small trees in front of the buildings and this neighbor dubbed “Crazy Lady” who clearly lived off of my taxes, threatened us that her dog will sick us if our dog doesn’t stop peeing on “her” tree…umm..don’t we live in a complex? Do you own that tree directly in between our doors? Don’t dogs lift their legs on the first thing they see to relive themselves? Yea, I’ve been there.

  • Sara P from WV

    I completely understand how you feel! My first apartment was in 2010 with my (then) best friend, and luckily it was a month-to-month. We lived on the 2nd floor of a three-story complex that was old but charming with the original wood floors that naturally squeaked when you walked. Long story short, the lady downstairs was a long-term resident who hated people living above her and according to our next door neighbors, we were the fourth tenants in that unit in a year because the lady would complain until tenants gave up and left.

    One morning, I had to get up at 4am because I had to drive to a work meeting that was rather far away. Apparently walking around getting ready woke her up and she seriously SCREAMED at me to “stop f*ing moving furniture and go back to f*ing bed!” Woah, what? Moving furniture? No. It’s called original squeaky floors in a 1930s apartment building, honey! I was actually trying to be really quiet because of the hour and was in shock that she shouted and I could hear her upstairs! So, naturally, when I left, I made sure to stomp around the apartment and slam the front door shut when leaving. πŸ˜‰ I immediately complained on her and the landlord took care of it (she knew of her behavior). I ended up moving out due to roommate issues but I did hear that ‘ole lady moved into another unit shortly after that. Newsflash: if you can’t handle people living above you, don’t live in a multiple story apartment complex!!

    On another note, the apartment I’m currently in (by myself) is great except for my neighbors upstairs. Like you, I understand that you’re going to have issues living in a complex so I try to overlook them. But I constantly hear them fighting, they run/stomp down the stairs every day, and at least 10 times each evening, my apartment shakes from them running and what sounds like dropping things on the floor. It’s extremely irritating but I don’t want to be “that neighbor” who complains… I don’t really know what to do either. I really should complain on them but part of me has the attitude of “that’s what you get with apartment living”…. so I’m torn.

    If I were you, I would try to resolve things by speaking with your neighbors and giving it at least a couple of weeks. If things don’t change, I would consider paying the hefty fine and breaking the lease. Your home should be a happy place — regardless if you live in an apartment complex or not. You shouldn’t have to compromise and walk on your tip toes in your own home. There’s a difference between being courteous and not being able to live your life…. so if things don’t change, you might want to think about that. I wish you luck! πŸ™‚

  • Rebecca M.

    I hate when people are petty like that and instead of fixing what they are doing wrong they try to point a finger at you…I personally, would write a letter to corporate offices of the management company over the apt complex…Letting them know how disappointed you are in management at your complex and the inconsistencies in the things they are telling you (no noise/prior noise complaints!?!) and that was a major factor in your moving into that unit and that you would appreciate it if they could resolve it with the residents (…so you don’t have to get the police involved…LOL)

  • MD

    Well, if their convos are that loud. Just record them. If they can hear exactly what YOU are hearing, they may better understand what you are saying. Take a little video of Watson and show them that it’s HIM, not you slamming cabinets. Perhaps they won’t be so quick to think you are just being picky/nasty.

    Good luck.

  • Amanda

    Every time that they make a peep, document it. Say something to them. If it’s late, call the after hours security. Don’t ignore the noise. If they are making too much noise and it’s late at night, you always can call the Non Emergency Police Department and file a Noise Nuisance complaint.

  • Chrystal S

    I hate to say it but run for the hills! Before I suffered something similar I would have said hash it out. Apartment living is loud. End of story. She a cabinet “slamming”, get a life people. But yelling every conversation and late at night. I bet you could have called the police. Most cities have “noise free” hours. However, after being in an apartment where a situation happened (through no fault of mine just like yours appears but with what sounds like the same caliber of people) I was harassed for the rest of my lease. I dreaded coming in and out of my apartment for fear of what trouble would be stirred up upon them seeing me. Or answering the door for fear it was them.

    They did things like all the cops saying I dealt drugs and my apartment was raided (nothing was found since I dont). Yet they were smoking up a storm of weed every night to fill the hallway and come into my apartment! They called animal control and said I was doing horrible horrible things to my animals. Well I still have them and no fines so guess how that turned out. It was just constant harassment. They were unfortunately the on sight managers (kinda it was weird) so they got my rental agency to harass me (seriously they are a bad agency all bad reviews no good so I’m not just here doing stuff and pretending innocence).

    I was just in such a state by the end…..for your mental health GET OUT NOW!!!!! Because if its this bad after two weeks….it will only get worse.

  • gail willfond

    I lived in an apt. I just “repaid” the noise favor. At night I accidently hit the wall with my feet. πŸ™‚ Noone ever said a word.

  • chickie brewer

    Wow thats a tough one ( although I’ve gone through something similar)…Well maybe you can tell how much you love kids and they are not a problem….and maybe they just didn’t relize tha t when they have their personal conversations you can hear every word ( or something similar)….And maybe you can even suggest if there are times when you are too loud please let us know ( this way its not about them..although we know it is)..well good luck!!

  • Tanya L

    Oh my…I would think you shouldnt be penalized at all especially since you specifically asked them how the noise level was. If they already had complaints about the downstairs neighbor, that is a no-no on their part for not telling you upfront.
    I think talking to the neighbor will not help anything. They are obviously already lying…so that alone is a huge red flag. Something tells me it is only the beginning of this problem. Get out of there are soon as you can…but I would bring up my first paragraph first. You wouldnt have had this problem if the landlord was honest from the beginning! Good luck!

  • Dawn

    How much insulation is between these units? It sounds like your walls are paper thin. Are the neighbors talking very loudly, or in a normal tone? I have had these issues before and left two apartments early because of issues with noise or other concerns. I kept a log of every date, time, and noise. I made police calls when needed, and I even pulled out the camcorder to record it. Your lease, and the state law, probably says something like you are entitled to quiet enjoyment of the apartment. I’d start keeping the record now so if you do eventually have to leave, you can dispute the early vacate fee if you have to go. In my state there is something called constructive eviction, basically the landlord forced you to vacate by not maintaining the residence as “liveable.”. You could also try rent escrow (though that’s usually for physical repairs) or mediation.
    I’m sure the first step would be to talk to the neighbors if you are comfortable doing so, just thinking longterm right now.

  • Joanna

    Mrs. Savvy…wow, i feel for you. Three years ago my hubby and I lived in an apartment. It is very difficult, as you know, to control the noises of others. We finally had enough and did intensive research and found a nice, NEW(we were lucky to find it!) house to rent AND it was $25 less in rent! Keep that in mind as you both plan your next move! πŸ™‚ As for your meeting the neighbors, like you said, how is that going to change anything since they have numerous complaints already. i don’t think you should take Watson. I mean what will you say, “SORRY for my cat making noise?” Seems like they were being vindictive in filing a complaint towards you about purposefully slamming doors. I know someone might say, be nice and meet the neighbors but I feel like that will not solve the issue since they obviously do not understand their noise level. Maybe you can call the office to come over when you hear the below ruckus so they see what you are talking about. Seems like they know these neighbors are an issue from past complaints but really have not dealt with them on the issue. As for the office worker telling you the neighbors were VERY upset? That was quite unprofessional. If you do feel like the only way out is to break the lease, I urge you: DO NOT break the lease to move into another apartment for higher rent until you research possible house renting options! Best wishes!!!

  • Jennifer Kaman

    Unfortunately you will find noise “problems” A LOT with apartments in the NW. We can hear our neighbors tromping up and down their stairs and taking showers at all hours of the night. My suggestion would be to buy child locks to keep the cat out of the cupboard and to see about moving to another apartment at the same rate. Insist on not having a rate change because the inconvenience is on you and not them. Also, I would research laws in your state. A lot of them give you 30 days to back out of lease agreements.

  • Rebecca

    If the noise is loud enough to be recorded on a tape player or video, then by all means record it so you have evidence. Plus the fact that you can tell her who the other tenants were talking to on the phone an details of their conversation proves that it was louder then what it should have been. Also I would bring it to the complex’s attention that they told you that noise wouldnt be a problem when you signed the lease because you had asked various times about the noise and didnt even accept the first apartment because of it. Also meet with the other tenants and see if there is some type of compromise that can be made. Good luck and hope you can work it out.

  • patti

    That’s one of the things I hate about apartment living…I’ve had some really awesome neighbors and some really awful neighbors…I’ve never found talking with the neighbors to be particularly useful…everyone is always so defensive, plus you just never know how someone you don’t really know is going to react…but I also can’t see losing $1,000 over them to be a good thing…poor Watson…he probably feels terrible…well, unless he’s plotting something devious…

  • Cathy

    It depends on the state. I used to work at a real estate office in Virginia, and on the rentals we were not aloud to give any negative information. About schools, bad neighbors or anything. I hope that helps. I am so sorry you are going thru this it is not fair!

  • tara

    Meet with the couple. If that doesnt work small claims court with the apartment since they lied. They could have said there were complaints, just not who made them.

  • Teri

    I don’t know what state you live in, but you can check the LL-Tenant laws in your state. I would tell the office person that you told them up front you wanted a quiet apartment and they assured you this one was quiet, and that’s why you took it. Since it isn’t quiet, and the neighbors had noise complaints before and they knew about it, then they are guilty of misrepresentation or out and out fraud. You aren’t getting what you bargained for when you rented from them.

    I wouldn’t break the lease, I would try to use the misrepresentation argument to get them to let you move to another comparable apartment without paying more. Meeting with the neighbors probably won’t do much if they’ve had noise complaints before; it’s probably why your unit was available.

  • Susie Kleinsmith

    I think I would try to get out of the lease. Obviously this rental company has no integrity. THe hit you would take is un-real, 1000.00 for something they knew would be a deal breaker? OMG!
    I hope you can work it out, I wouldnt put too much stock in trying to talk to the neighbors.

  • Joanna

    BTW, I almost feel like the below neighbors are trying to make you seem like the witch(but with a b). Why else would the office worker say what she said and say that the neighbors were willing to change their life schedule around for you?! How condescending! Especially since these people have past complaints. Deal with the real issue is what your front office should do, not try to make you feel like the bad person. I would definitely call the front office to come by when the show downstairs is going on! I really feel for you. If you need anymore opinions, please reach out.

  • Shirley A. Behm Fort Atkinson, Wi 53538

    Hi. I love your Watson, & wish I had a duplicate of him. I’m an animal lover and to say YOU are so Noisy, is totally RIDICULOUS. My God, what is this world coming to. I have two cats & two dogs myself and have never had to go through what you and your husband are going through. I don’t think I’d give them the satisfaction of moving. I’d stick it out. Maybe talk to them and explain what actually happened. Good luck to you, your husband, & of course Watson too!! Shirley Behm

  • Stephanie

    By experience the neighbor noise and complaining will not get better. It is a bad building set up that is allowing the noise to carry like that. As well as apartment living. But it sounds as if you either learn to get used to it and or try meet people or lose money. If it is really bothering you this much I suggest you look elsewhere to live.

  • Kari O.

    I have had this same problem… definitely follow the advice about documenting everything! It’s a great idea. If you can deal for a month, document everything, call the police if you have to, to get documentation. Also, if you complain enough and have enough proof and can manage for a month, you may have grounds to get out of the lease without paying the fee.

  • Jennie

    I worked in Property Management for a number of years. First of all, the office should have never brought you into their discussion with the residents who live below you.

    It should have gone like this: Hi (insert resident name), I hate to tell you that we have another complaint regarding loud talking and noise coming from your apartment and patio after quiet hours. This is just a reminder that you need to be respectful of all of your neighbors.

    Then the office should have posted a letter of complaint on their door, making it official. This would be put in their lease, and if the noise continued, this would give them grounds to terminate their lease.

    The thing that you now have to consider is that from the sounds of it, no matter where you move to in this complex you will have “Noise” issues. Unfortunately, I am guessing that the walls are paper thin and have no insulation.

    You can try to go back into the office and consider looking at a different apartment, or depending on who the management company is, talk to them directly (not the office but the actual management company)… Your “New” complaint really should be regarding the leasing office, and how unprofessional they were in creating issues between you and your neighbors. You might even have leverage(because you feel uncomfortable and not able to live without fear of retalation) to ask for them to move you to a different apartment or even a different property (if they own/manage others in the area) at no costs to you.

    Hope that helps some…

  • Shannon

    I say you going ahead and met the couple and make sure to have a third party there. Someone who is not family. Maybe the manger of the building and have a meditation. See if you can settle on a argument or something. You shouldn’t have to move out just because those people are being rude. The fact they arrange their whole schedule around yours doesn’t make any sense. But if another people in the building are also complaints about them maybe it time for them to move out. I hope this helps somewhat

  • D

    First – your new neighbors are morons! They are not “positive” and you having a conversation w/ them is not going to help. They are rude and inconsiderate. I would make issue w/ who you are renting from. You specifically asked about noise and were lied to (ie the prior noise complaint on these people). I don’t know the law and perhaps talking to an attorney would be a good idea. You were told noise was not a problem when there was a complaint already on file. That should be enough to let you break the lease w/o a penalty. This is a real mess and you are paying rent on an unacceptable apartment. I wish you and Mr. Savvy all the luck in the world. Hopefully you can get out of this terrible situation.

    P.S. Watson is priceless and ad

  • Martha

    Wow, I am so sorry you are having this problem. Really can’t add much of anything else, and the above advice sounds all really good. Will just be up to you of how much you want to put up with. I lived in an apartment twice, the first time with no problems, but the second time, yuck! Both times were in a single-floor quadriplex. I ended up banging on the wall constantly as my one neighbor did not know any other level but loud on their stereo. MOST apartment dwellers are not usually very considerate. Not on the subject, but when I moved out, I was told they had never seen an apartment left in such good condition! I was taught to respect other people’s feelings and property, and try to not impose. Again, I feel for you as you have been through a lot with one move already. People can be jerks, that’s for sure. Good luck! ☻

  • Deana

    I would speak with an attorney in your state about being able to break the lease because the rental company failed to act in “good faith” when they were advised noise would be a concern and apparently the “model unit” was not properly insulated for noise. You will probably be referred to mediation with the company first, but considering the circumstances you may be offered a higher value unit for the same price you are currently paying as a conciliation offer. As far as your kitty being a break in artist πŸ™‚ You can buy little felt tabs that stick on to the inside of your cabinet doors so that when they shut the sound is muffled…Wish you the best

  • Missa

    i would consult an attorney. there should be a time frame in which u can break the lease without penalty. People like the neighbors are control freaks that think they are better than everybody else. The manager could have said there have been issues before and not disclosed anything about who when or what. You told them up front and were given false information in order to get you to sign. This is against the law (entering into a contract under false pretenses is what the apartment manager did).

  • Juleah Brewer

    It really seems like the complex is primarily at fault, especially if you were so clear about the noise issues. We just rented a house because we wanted our son to be able to run around and make noise without bothering the neighbors, because we are respectful neighbors. Either your neighbors don’t realize how loud they actually are or they just don’t care.

  • charley g

    Read your lease very carefully. I moved out in february to a new apartment and moved back to where I started just last week. We were told the neighbor was an older lady who was lonely and liked to talk a lot. That was an understatement. She would knock for half an hour straight and then try to open the door. She would catch us coming home from work and talk forever. The landlord said to just a avoid going outside when she is out but how is that a way to live? We got out of our lease scott free but the neighbor calls everyday crying and saying she misses us. We were only there a month…

    • Tanya

      @ Charley G. I would consider calling social services to check on that elderly neighbor. She sounds like she has a bit of dementia going on and probably should be somewhere that would give her some supervision!

  • Jacquie Hall

    BSD-I work in the property mgmt industry. I have some questions for you-is there a chance you could IM with me later?

  • Kimber

    I would NOT get the neighbors involved, or meet with them. They sound pretty angry, and meeting with them to apologize for anything you do will just give them the upper hand in later discussions. It sounds as if there are problems with the building and the soundproofing (or lack thereof) between the units. No amount of meeting with the neighbors is going to stop you, your DH or Watson from making “too much noise” if you live upstairs. I would document your conversations before and during the move-in and send a certified letter to building management. I would also document verbatim an exact argument (or conversation) along with the time you heard it, that your neighbors are having. I would include this in the letter. Then state that if the building owner/management doesn’t think this constitutes a “noise issue,” what would they consider so that you can be relocated without losing your deposit.

  • Andrea

    Maybe look for a new apartment in a small building or cool house that is not part of a large complex? I thought people in Portland were cool and not jerks! Well my BF is from Portland and that is what he tells me! I work from home and I know what you mean about noise my dogs bark sometimes when I am in meetings..not good! Maybe you could ask your local followers for recommendations for a new place??? Good luck.. I would be very upset.

  • Sarah E

    Equity!!! UGH! Don’t get me started! Glad to hear other people have problems with them! My lease is up at the end of this month and I will be SOOOO Happy to be gone!

  • Linda Bell

    Just a question: The manager stated, ” Because of confidentality we cannot reveal anything about residents.” How then did these residents know that you had complanined about them and the noise? The manager should only have told them that there had been a complaint, not that it was you who complained. Fishy. I would suggest that prior to a meeting that you contact the State Attorney General, telling them the situation and asking what the laws are in your state. If you have anything in writing, it helps, but find out what your rights are first. Good luck.

  • Sarah

    When I lived in an apertment for just a week, I had a similar situation. When the office would not fix it, I saw an attorney who wrote a letter to the office manager for a minimal fee and I was let out of my lease.

  • lisa

    I would meet with the neighbors so u can say u tried everything. call the rental company & complain every time u have to & even the police if its after hours. as a last resort, i would break the lease, not move to another unit (cause how do u know they will tell the truth about the people in those units either). They haven’t been truthful with u.

  • Amanda

    My cat does the exact same thing. We live in a top floor apartment and so far we haven’t been the ones in trouble for noise. There are days I scream at the top of my lungs in frustration, 2 cats, a teenager, and a husband will do that to you. I would go to the BBB and talk to them . They will be able to tell you what steps you need to take. I’m sorry, but if a place can’t tell you there is noise that’s like a car lot not having to tell you the car was wrecked. Good luck I hate apartment living, but what can ya do.

  • valerie hurst

    Can you have the landlord there while you meet with the couple? If you haven’t already, I would start writing down when you hear the neighbors being loud. It seems like the odds would be against them since they already have a history of noise complaints, but Ive had to deal with bad neighbors before and it’s a pain. Good luck!

  • Beckie Black

    Definitely document EVERYTHING…. every noise, every conversation, everything YOU do that causes “loud” noise, etc. Track times and every detail you notice. It’s a lot of work but I went through this a couple years ago and it was the only thing that saved me. I, sadly, had to get into a full-on battle… start with a written letter to your property manager, laying everything out and asking him/her to remedy the situation. Wait a week and follow-up if you don’t hear anything. Give the PM a chance since many times the office staff doesn’t relay your messages.

    Then, if nothing is resolved, look up your tenant laws and start reciting it in a letter. I spent a couple hours researching our law and quoted specific articles in the law regarding tenants rights and noise. Then after THAT letter, if nothing is resolved, I’d contact a tenant rights attorney.

    Just my opinion. GOOD LUCK! I feel your pain! πŸ˜‰

  • Nicole

    False advertising. I would suggest in lieu of a lawsuit, that they agree to wave the $1000 fee. Record as much as you can, ask other neighbors nearby and maybe have the superintendent/property manager in your apartment so they can see what you deal with. Or go to the police station and ask them if they would have someone come over at a certain time so they can report what is going on?

    Good Luck!!

  • Ebeth

    You were mislead into signing a lease for this apt. I don’t know the laws or whatever but you straight asked about the noise and was told there wasn’t a problem. They could have said that there has been noise complaints without disclosing any resident info or saying which neighbor so that is bull. You need to tell them to let you out of the lease or you will contact someone who will help you and having a bad review isn’t good on apts and I am sure they would want to fix this rather then bring bad attention. Just remember to reiterate how you were mislead and that is bad business.

  • Amanda G.

    Try working it out with the couple, step your way up so when it doesn’t get resolved, you tried and can’t be faulted for it. They wanted to make the sale and lied about it. The last time I had am immature neighbor with kids (both parties were waaaay too loud, I have kids I know how loud they are) we kept reporting them, calling the cops and eventually there were so many complaints, my amazing apt complex evicted them. This is in Texas but I’m sure there are similar laws, who wants to live in noise all the time! If this was about privacy, why did they tell you there were other complaints? I call BS on that one. Maybe rally up with your quite neighbors that complained about them, go to the office and demand they get evicted or relocated or something!

  • Gloria Gebhart

    Break the lease and move. You asked point blank about the noise problem…and being the smart woman you are, you have it documented…as well as your complaint…tell them you will see them in court. And while your moving…keep documenting the noise……they are using scare tactics to keep you there for the monthly payment. be willing to pay..makes it that much better when you don’t have to…and by some freak reason you do have to pay to break lease…how much is no noise worth? frugal is fantastic, but peace of mind and space is priceless…and fyi, state landlord tenent laws over rides lease agreements that do not comply…they can write it and you can sign it but if it does not conform with state law it will not hold up in court of law…and documentation speaks volumes…

  • Char

    Yes its true about confidentiality . It doesnt matter what they said to you about there not being a noise level problem unless it is stated in writing in your lease. Otherwise it would be a he said she said deal. But I would start tape recording them so they can hear what you are hearing.
    If that is the regular voice level of the people then it sounds like it could be a regular problem. My son has a cat that does the same thing. There is nothing his cat cant get into. The fact that they have had others complain about them should tell the landlord something. Good Luck

  • Maggie Robinson

    As myself and husband own rental properties i can tell you if you were told that noise was not an issue and have proof of that being said it is a very promise of contract which can be as binding as a written contract also within the first 30 days of the lease at least in maine if everything is not as it sould be you should be able to break the lease without penatly to you. is the office of your building the owner? if they are not i would ask or go to your local city office find out the owner of the building and address the issues we had a building manager which ended up caosting us some very good tenants because of situations like this, hope ti helps

  • Toni Hutchison

    This is a crappy situation. My boyfriend and I each had separate apartments in a complex. I had the top floor. He had a bottom floor. I tried to be VERY conscious of those below and next to me. Thankfully, my only complaint was my neighbors TV on loud until about 11:30pm. My boyfriend however had it horrible. His neighbor upstairs would play with his 2 bulldogs at midnight/1am. He had a young son that I don’t think ever slept. I myself went up twice to complain…in the middle of the night (12:30am!). Confronting them, and complaining to the office never seemed to change anything. Unfortunately…rude people are rude people. My first response would be to get out as quickly as possible. You could hope that the neighbors would try to talk rationally and work out a solution. But from all of that, it doesn’t seem like a compromise will happen. Sorry that you are having so many issues. Hopefully you can come to a solution quickly, and with little pain (mentally or financially). Good Luck!!

  • MMiller

    Sorry you are going through this! I would definitely move!! You shouldn’t have to, but given the issues in just 2 days, I see a years worth of problems!

    There are many homes for rent now too! You may be able to rent a single home with no one above or below you for the same price as an APT!

    We complained about the people above us a few times before they got much quieter! I have lived in a few apartments, and the people who live above us when they first moved in were the loudest we have ever heard! It sounded like constant furniture moving and kids jumping! When I called the office to complain, I told them it sounded like they were teaching an aerobics class above my bedroom! We gave up complaining, and all of the sudden, noticed it was much quieter!

    Hope you can get this resolved quickly!

  • Audrey

    Comming in late but I have a question/statement…ok, I have 2 cents to put in..lol..first let me say that I am sorry that you move to get this nonsense….If you are buying a car, or a house and ther is a problem with it, the seller/ realtor does not have to disclose any problems, BUT, it asked about a specific situation, or trouble with that product, they have to disclose that information to you…does it apply here too? If it does, then you would not be breaking contract. You signed a contract under false pretense. You spicificaly asked if that appartment was noisy, and you were told no, knowing full well there were complaints on file…..?????

  • Shelley

    I know how you feel. The second apartment I ever had, we moved in. Then not to long the noise above us was loud. It sounded like someone was bowling a bowling ball down the middle of the apartment everyday. Then about 11pm to 4am they would start having parties and being really loud all week long, music and talking. They even had 2 kids which I couldn’t believe they could sleep with all the noise and still get up for school. Well we called the police on them several times and complained to the management. They got nasty and slashed the back two tires of our car. I couldn’t get to work and the police said I had no proof it was my neighbors. We tried to talk to our neighbors which got us no where. Finally, the management moved them because we recorded the noise and we called the after hours # to let them hear it over the phone. Good Luck!!

  • Clarissa Valentine Gant

    Wow, that is a difficult uncomfortable situation. In short I think the only choice is to move. I hate to be cynical or negative but I doubt it will get resolved by talking with the neighbors. Good luck…I hope it works out for you.

  • Jeannine

    I work for an attorney and have sued my previous landlord and won. There is such thing as “quiet enjoyment” which your landlord needs to provide all tenants. I would contact a civil attorney in your area that is knowledgeable in Landlord/Tenant law. Ask them if this is a violation of your lease. I would also tell the management office that you have brought up noise concerns also and that the situation was not rendered. I would also say something to the effect of “I really don’t want to get my attorney involved in this”. Personally, I don’t think meeting with the neighbor will change things. They will still go about their business as they did previously. Also, if they are that loud, I would call the police and file a noise complaint and have copies of every police report in case this were to ever be an issue (court, complaints filed with the management office, etc.). I would also look up maybe a landlord/tenants association in your area and see if they have any suggestions.

  • Tiffani

    When we lived in an apartment, we had to complain several times about the neighbors below us, but we lived there 3 years and it wasn’t always the same people. (Quick turn-around on tenants in the that apartment.) Then the latest ones moved in and partied til 2 am and we had to call the courtesy officer. Then they complained about hearing too many stomps from our apartment. We have 3 kids! I constantly told the kids not to stomp, but one was only 10 months and was learning to walk and would fall down a lot. Then the neighbor had the nerve to come knock on my door one day telling me to try to keep the kids quiet, she was trying to study. I was like “Look, I do the best I can with the noise and my kids really aren’t that noisy. My baby is learning to walk. What do you expect me to do? I have lived here for way longer than you and never had a complaint. So anyways, the next time they were being loud at 2 am my husband jumped up one time really high and slammed down on the floor REALLY LOUD. The neighbor came up and asked if everything was ok. LOL My husband was like oh sorry I rolled over and fell off the couch. Bahaha! It was really hard not to laugh. Basically they got the point and quit complaining. We moved out 2 months later when we bought a house. I sooo wanted to leave them a note saying “Good luck with your next neighbors. With a 3 bedroom apartment, you’re pretty much quaranteed they will have kids ;)”

  • Tiffany

    If there was such a confidentiality problem, then how come NOW they can tell you exactly what went on with the neighbors BEFORE you got there? Also, they should not be talking about who complained on you, only that you had a complaint filed against you. They sound extremely unprofessional!

  • Leslie

    At my apartment complex (in California), you have 30 days from the day you move in to break the lease without any consequences… are you sure that you don’t have that luxury at your place? That is absolutely unbelievable about your neighbors… I hope it gets resolved!

  • Brenda_Lee

    Oh boy…I would check out the state laws regarding renter’s rights and how to resolve the noise complaint issues.

    Here in Maryland, it’s against the law to record conversations without other’s knowledge. The so called wire taping law, that got Linda Tripp who recorded Monica Lewinsky’s conversation, in trouble. Linda Tripp, lived in Maryland at the time. Recording conversations, I won’t do.

    I can understand asking everyone for advice. It really boils down to the laws of the state, county and Better Business Bureau, for the state of Oregon.

    From my perspective…All was well, until complaints were made about the noise. The neighbors “retaliated” by complaining about cabinet slamming, thinking you were talking about their kids :-S

    I’ve owned kitties as smart as Watson, they don’t make as much noise as the humans there…The 8 hours of constant noise…I know Watson, doesn’t make 8 hours of constant noise…

    You’ve every right to check all of your options. Check the laws. You were mislead in the belief you were moving into a better apartment, in a quieter well mannered neighborhood.

    As for “cabinet slamming” …Cabinets DO make noise. They have to accept the fact the kitchen does get used, you cook and have to open and close cabinets ;-D

    Your peace of mind and happiness, is what a home should be, your sanctuary.

    Good luck, my friend
    The Redheaded Mermaid

    • Barb M

      Ok, so don’t record “them”, but do a walking tour of your apartment showing on film the different rooms and the commentary that this is our living room, this is our dining room etc. If you happen to “catch” their conversations you didn’t mean to…

  • Lisa Williams

    I would be looking for a new place. I would check into your states laws (maybe you have a friend that is an attorney that can offer some free advice?) about this and whether you can break the lease and not lose any money. Was there any kind of “if within so many days… you can break lease without punishment” clause in the lease? Since there seems to have already been a little truth stretching on their part, I DO highly recommend that if you have ANY conversation with either the neighbors or any of the office personnel, you record it, so you have a record of exactly what was said. In most states, it is not illegal to record a conversation that you yourself are involved in. You do not have to announce to the other party you are recording. Just have a small recorder in you pocket and if it needs a mic, wear one under your shirt. (YES. I have had to do this before!) I agree with the others that it seems like even if you do talk with the neighbors there is little to be accomplished except more stress. and it seems the office has little interest in actually solving the problem.

  • Tanya

    If the neighbors had complaints before, it probably won’t work, but if you like the place otherwise I would at least try to speak with them. I would just let them know that you specifically asked about noise at this apartment before you rented, so you were surprised to find that you could hear all their conversations. When you let the office know that, the office said they would speak to you about it… try making it sound like the office is the bad guy…which they actually are. If there were complaints before they should have NOT told you this apartment was a good fit for you when that was a specific request of yours. You can make a joke out of the cabinet doors and say “I wasn’t slamming cupboards, that’s my silly cat playing with the doors”, and maybe make a joke out of “I heard you asking Bob if he wanted to go bowling” or whatever you heard, to make the point that you really can hear exactly what they’re saying. If they aren’t receptive to this at all, you’ll know it’s time for plan B, which is to tell the apt. manager that they rented you an apartment knowing there had been noise complaints in the past, and that is something you specifically asked about. They didn’t have to tell you WHO made noise…they just should have said that isn’t the quietest part of the building, let me show you another unit. They should let you out of the lease, find you another more suitable apartment AND contribute to your moving expenses. We are so lucky to live in a neighborhood with great neighbors…every time someone has to move away I am worried about who will move in, but so far, so good, with the exception of one woman who didn’t stay very long, thankfully… Good luck and keep us posted!
    PS…and how was getting the kids up at 3 am supposed to be helpful? I wonder, though, if they actually said that or if you have a person in the office who is really bad with customer relations and is just making things up as she goes along…

  • Tiffani

    I forgot to say. We use Holmes air purifiers in all the bedrooms. (The same ones that there was a coupon deal on recently.) We have used them since my daughter was born and she is now 11. They are great for blocking out apartment noise. There’s no way I could’ve lived in an apartment without one!!

  • Kathy

    I think I would start sending them notes and cards, like…
    Heard about your dealings with Mark. Hope things work out.
    Thinking of you: I know where you can get a great deal on a new vacuum! I heard your spouse saying yours apparently didn’t work.
    I UNDERSTAND: My husband doesn’t like chicken either, I found this recipe in that magazine I heard you mentioned the other night.

  • holly

    When m husband and I had been married about a year, we upgraded to a larger apt in our complex. What a mistake. We left our tiny but blissfully quite – ground floor apt for a 3rd floor walk up with the loudest neighbors ever. Our upstairs neighbors tended to have very frequent, very long, and very loud love making sessions. In their very squeaky bed. And she was a screamer. We had to move our bed room the the smaller bed room to escape. I was afraid to invite anyone over. It was like living below a porno set. I was so glad when we bought our house and got outta there!

  • Bri

    In my complex in AZ we have a 10 to 10 quiet policy. Which makes it nice. I know a couple of the complexs we looked at in AZ and UT had them. If someone is noisy we call security. If it happens a second time in the same night security calls the police. I live on the third floor and we chose it so we wouldnt really hear anyone. Which we really dont but our next door neighbors music every now and then but we have met him so he knows if we bang on the wall its a little loud. We are really good about being as quiet as we can anytime of the day just so we dont get complaints.

  • Feisty Irish Wench

    Mike Holmes did an episode on a townhouse with this exact issue. The neighbors could hear EVERY thing next door. Inquire about legal rights to break the lease without penalty due to the poor construction, and the leasing agent’s failure to answer your concern honestly. If there was enough insulation in the walls, and between the floors, there would be no issue with sound traveling. In the meantime, get video of the noise at the varying hours for a full day. Then agree to speak to the neighbors with a mediator present, and try to come up with an agreement of some kind that can work for everyone. If that doesn’t work, then by all means break that lease and then consider seeking litigation against the agent who showed the apartment, and if they’ve been built in the last couple years, you may want to pull in the builder for failing to appropriately soundproof, as it has caused you to have to alter your business practices and plans for growth because of the lack of privacy. It’s also entirely possible that at time of inspection, the construction crew simply did absolute bare minimum or less than code, and it was missed in the inspections process.
    And I have no idea what waking their kids at 3 am would accomplish except piss off the entire world for cranky, overwrought children who don’t get enough sleep.

    • Sarah

      I agree. You need to break the lease and leave. I had a friend that lived in a townhouse and due to lack of insulation, the pipes burst after they froze. There were thousands of dollars worth of damage. I know it probably will not freeze in AZ, but if there is poor insulation, there might also be other shoddy construction in your apartment that might end up damaging your stuff.

  • Ashley Goad

    I am not very familiar with laws and such regarding apartments, or with your state. We are currently looking at buying a house, and my fiance is also studying to be a realtor.

    When buying a house, the realtor is required to disclose any issues with a property when ASKED. I would research to see if there is anything similar with leasing an apartment. IMO, this seems to be an issue of disclosure about the apartment, not privacy of residents. You were not asking about the residents, you were asking about noise issues relating to the apartment. They could have mentioned noise issues without saying anything about the other residents.

  • wichita witch


  • Jenii

    If it interferes (not sure how to spell it) with your work, when you specified that you needed to be able to work at home…I don’t see how they can fine you. You were obviously lied to by the management, so I would think that they’d be at fault for you having to breaking the lease, but then again, every state is different…it might be worth looking into though.

    [I say interfering with work, because if you get woken up at night due to the neighbors, I’d guess that would be enough to disrupt your schedule making it difficult to focus for work, I know it’s enough to mess with my focus the next day.]

  • Jennifer

    I used to be an apartment complex manager and I’ll tell you I’ve seen and heard a lot of things! First, you should be able to find in your state’s statutes what your landlord/tenant laws are. I would ask them nicely to either relocate you to a quiet unit with noise complaint free neighbors or allow you to break the lease with no penalty. You asked for a quiet apartment, not the noisy tenant’s name, address and social security number. You didn’t ask anything about your neighbor, just to be placed in a quiet unit. They knew you’d have issues there before you even arrived to sign the lease.
    Should you decided to stay, they sell felt dots that have adhesive backing that you can put on the inside of the cabinets to muffle the sound as the door closes. I’d use them and snap sweet little pictures of your cat playing with the door. (Record everything!)
    I’m not advising this but a tenant did this and it was a wake up call for the downstairs neighbor about who was the problem and exactly how loud they were being….. The downstairs tenant received a polite letter from the upstairs tenant stating details of the overheard phone call or fight. Embarrassed, the behavior stopped immediately. Perhaps a simple recording of their conversation as heard from your apartment would suffice.
    Good Luck!

  • Tanya

    The more I think about it and read the other responses, I do have to say that I think the manager has handled everything very poorly, and it’s possible that the neighbors aren’t quite as whacky as the front office is having you believe. They tell you they can’t mention noise because of confidentiality, but they can tell you AFTER you’ve signed a lease? And yeah, they shouldn’t have told those people WHO had complained about them. And they should never have told you that the other people were very upset. I wonder if anything the front office has said has been completely true. Perhaps the office told THEM that YOU said their kids were being loud, and that is what upset the neighbors, so they then said “well I guess she was banging the kitchen cupboards to get back at us”, at which point this office person sent you a letter…I don’t know if that makes sense, but it could be almost like that telephone game…. it seems the office is the go between and from what you’ve said about that person, she doesn’t seem very professional. So before I did anything drastic, I’d try to meet with the neighbors…in a neutral, safe place with extra people around…and be sure it’s them who are unreasonable before you go to the big task of moving. It could be that they are real jerks, but it could also be that the unprofessional way the office is handling things has painted them in a really bad light….

  • Angie

    Because of Federal Fair Housing Laws, they can’t give any information about the residents. I wonder how long it has been since those neighbors had someone live above them since you are in the former “model” apartment. Like someone else said, I would call the police. Also, read your lease. I used to lease apartments. In situations like this, the tenant was able to get out of the lease without penalty. I think the issue is the building…not the people.

  • Alex

    I had the exact same problem. After “normal” hours you have the right to call the cops. If it continues the cops can file a complaint with the landlord. The landlord would be fined for the noises and will probably be more agressive about telling the neighbor to keep it down.

  • Vanessa Dolby

    The managers of the complex clearly lied to you about the noise issue and you should probably consult with someone about this. Breach of contract maybe?? These people sound unreasonable and I would not start off by talking with them. If you cannot get satisfaction with the complex manager then contact the property management company or the owners of the complex. Move up the food chain and let the complex managers know that you are moving up to their superiors to get the issue resolved, especially since they lied to you about the noise issues.

  • Catherine SIms

    Call the person above the property managers until they move you without additional cost..You were mislead by them saying it was a quiet place…and it wasn’t…i think there is a property law against someone having too mny complaints and the property manger won’t do anything about it…sounds super sketchy!!!! Its one things to be a little loud and its another to be obnoxious…and those people sounds abnoxious!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Amber

    You can usually call the police to make a complaint about noise. In Portland, the Police Bureau focuses on responding to complaints between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. The non-emergency number for the Portland Police is 823-4636.

    The worst part of communal living is there is always someone who has no idea how to live with/around others.
    Personally I’d worry about talking to the neighbors, they already went on the attack so I don’t know that a conversation would end well.

  • Lisa Williams

    I’d like to clarify about the recording conversations. You just have to check where you live. I know there are one or two states that consider any recording illegal, but in the majority of the states, only third party recording is illegal, meaning you can not record a conversation (that you are not involved in) between other people without at least one parties knowledge. You can (again, in MOST states) record your own conversations without telling anyone you are recording, because you are one of the active parties in the conversation. πŸ™‚

  • Tammi

    My Daughters’ apt. is on the second floor. Mostly you can’t hear the neighbors on the sides or across the hallway, or downstairs, but, upstairs is a different matter. Stomp, Stomp, Stomp. Bang,Bang,,,banging cabinet doors, sounds like. And I don’t think they have a cat. Maybe the do. lol I’ve never known anyone that can walk that hard. The creaks, you can’t do much about that here, I know. If it is late, I try to go around the creaks. I don’t know what to tell you. Hope you can get it worked out.

  • Tammi

    My Daughters apt. managers told her NOT to confront anyone with any problems, but, to come to them about it. They are very good to take care of problems, though. A great place. You are probably going to have some kind of problems no matter where you go.

  • marley laplage

    man, I totally feel for you and this is why I would never live in an apartment…..not saying that your way of living is bad or wrong just that it is not for me because with Murphy’s Law…..we would always get stuck with loud talkers around us….or people who are generally obnoxious.

    Okay, so not sure about the confidentiality of the previous noise complaints but on a “being a decent human being” the person(S) who said there would be no problem with noise sucks the big one. She/he could have said “confidentially, I cannot tell you if there is or is not” at the very least….sounds like they lied when they said no to your inquiry of noise complaints prior to you moving in…..

    It all makes for bad juu-juu if you catch my drift.

    Having said that…to make you feel better…..have you ever heard of the snake house that was sold to a young married couple with little ones?

    Here is the link:


    If your loud neighbors wanted to be positive and work things out they certainly wouldn’t have done a tit for tat with you guys.

    I say get out and find somewhere else…..I wish you the best of luck!

  • mrs b

    I did not read all of the comments, so forgive me if I repeat anything.

    First, conversations do not help. We live in a condo that we own, the neighbor owns hers as well. She is loud late at night and early on weekends (music, her living room against our bedroom). I have talked to her, she promised to change and said “if it’s ever a problem, you knock on my door and let me know”. I did, and she didn’t answer until after the third knock and a walk away.

    First, were any of your inquiries about noise in email?
    Second, if they were, print them out and bring them with you. Get a new unit ASAP, with the understanding that noise levels are extremely important to you (outside AND inside).
    Then, in the new unit take notes if any excessive noise is going on (you will hear an occasional argument possibly, or some noise, but like you said, you know normal and loud for apartments).

    Whatever you do, do not stay in that unit, because it will cause friction in your marriage (unless they give you such a break on your rent that you cannot turn it down).

    Also, for Watson’s noisemaking (he’s too cute to get mad at!), maybe some area rugs in the kitchen to muffle the noise?

  • mrs b

    [ Our complex has a no excessive noise from 10pm – 9am policy outside, the board is working on inside policy, but drunk people do not follow rules]

  • Jenna

    I had the same issue a few years ago and it got so bad i called managment and nothing we called the cops cause it went on till 4 am so we called a few times i got complained on when i wasnt home and told them they will move me or I will do what I have to to get out of my lease cause I was doing everything right just stand your ground and threaten a lawyer if needes they will back down. And them lying to you wont help them. In mine we ended up taking another unit before moving completly and it resolved my issue. Good luck hope things work out soon.

  • annie

    i’ve been around the legal system fighting for my rights.
    first off, i wouldn’t call the police. this will leave bad blood and might cause them to be vindictive and promote more noise.
    i understand you mentioned about the noise level with management before signing the lease. but unless you got it in writing. it doesn’t matter what they said. i have learned unless it’s in writing, nothing verbally holds up in court.
    i myself record my conversations. in my state it’s a 1 party rule.
    if the noise persists and it is getting to you. asked management to move you to another unit, free of charge. if this doesn’t work, it may be time to hire an attorney. (to break the lease)
    i feel for you. i myself can’t tolerate much noise do to the fact i suffer from migraines. which can be brought on my excessive noise.
    you do have the right to peace and harmony. i wish you the best. anne πŸ™‚

  • Dayna Hagler

    Them letting you know before hand if the apartment is noisy or not is not disclosing anything about certain neighbours.. I’m sure they would not disclose anything personal or tell you specifically which neighbours.. When I lived in an apartment right before we got our house, we had to complain to management about the people behind us… (their bedroom backed up to ours) because late at night.. we were constantly awakened by the SCREAMING of their names.. we knew who they were even though we had never met them… it escalated to the point of harassing us and vandalizing our cars for complaining.. they keyed our car, put potatoes in our mufflers and caused engine damage.. you name it.. we ended up moving to a different apartment in the same complex.. don’t make enemies with neighbours.. it never works out, esp by “talking it out” with each other.. I would either move to a new apartment or move to a new complex.. I bet the law is on your side since you specifically asked about the noise.. you didn’t ask about specific neighbours.. just the noise in general.. and the office was dishonest with you.. stand your ground girl.. you both deserve to be happy and at peace. =)

  • Allison

    Sounds to me that since they weren’t honest about ANYTHING in this whole situation, you shouldn’t be fined if you break the lease. I am pretty sure they had someone living in your same “model” apartment before and those people moved out for the same exact issues you are having with the neighbors below. I wouldn’t rent from that place at all. I would get out of there fast because it seems very sketchy to me, almost like they want to piss off people so they will break the lease & be forced to pay the $1,000. Then they do the same to the next unsuspecting renters. Maybe I am thinking too much into things, but it really seems like a shady thing and that maybe they are all in on it. Good Luck to you no matter what you all decide.

  • Jennifer

    Got a recorder? Record the noises. If you are told that recording others’ conversations is illegal, state that you were recording a conversation with Mr. Savvy to go over later and it’s their fault their own voices made it on.

    If you’ve a camcorder, you can do video stuffs. Make a video showing your place just as they start their noise. “Oh, there they go again. Every time we try to show you a video of our place, they start talking. We’ve had to delete, like, 3 videos so far because of the messed up quality.”

    Sensitive stuff? Write it down, then read it aloud to the people. Perhaps they do not know how loud THEY are. Wonder if they are talking about any sensitive information that could have been used against them if folks other than y’all lived there.

    Turn the tables on them. You’d be surprised how quickly people turn their attitudes around when you start repeating stuff that could only be acquired from loud conversation.

    See if you can get a member of managment to sit it, without telling your neighbors. Then when they start, you can make a noise complaint then and there.

    As I say, “It isn’t eavesdropping if the person talking is so loud you don’t have to eavesdrop to know what they are saying.”

    All else fails, then there’s the police. Ask them to come up quietly. When they start, file a police report.

    Breaking rent should be your last resort.

  • Cathy Longstreth

    How about inviting the manager for an evening social, or whenever seems to be the mostloud times. Just finger foods and light drinks (tea, lemonade, etc.) Hopefully your neighbors will be in full performance and you will have the great weught of evidence in your ball court. Or you could just start answering or joining in their conversations, rather like an old party line. Good luck!!

  • Tabitha

    You really need to seek legal advice. It sounds as though they lied to you all the way around and it would seem that would be grounds to make that contract void. Check too and see if they have a 30 day refund policy. I’ve lived in a few apartments that would allow to back out of the contract within in the first 30 days if you have a reasonable compliment. I find it very humorous that they could hear Watson from below you. Are the walls made of paper? Its like they are in their apartment holding their breaths hoping for the smallest of sounds so that they can complain. No one deserves to be unhappy and have to walk around in their own home on egg shells, terrified of making any noise. Get out. Get out for your sanity. 1000 dollars is not pocket change by any means, but if it means your sanity and your happiness then its worth it. Plus, if you love your Watson like I love my Mary Jane, you certainly aren’t going to give him up just because some doofies whine that you make too much noise. I’m afraid it’s only to get worse. It sounds like you are dealing with some pretty vindictive people who aren’t going to stop.

  • Sheryl lynn

    CAn you RECORD the conversations? THEN go to management with the recording (keep a copy). Tell them you are breaking the lease with NO PENALTY due to their misrepresentation.

  • Deb

    Move this will be nothing but a headache from this day forward. The fact that they were so quick to call and complain about you says it all. You are supposed to be “home” how can that be if you are uncomfortable all the time. The office is trying to keep both of you happy and it doesn’t sound like they handled the situation properly from the beginning. How did they know it was you that complained and where did they get the impression it was their kids ? From the office. Hope it all works out well for your family.

  • Samantha

    Not sure if you will get to this response but there are a few things here I’d like to say that may or may not help. I hope this isn’t repetitive as I know you have a ton of fans that are very knowledgable.
    1) asking about noise level is not inquiring about specific neighbors, people, kids, race, etc… But maybe that was too vague of a question, unless you specifically asked about noise levels such as being able to hear tv or radio noise through walls. Or asking about the wall thickness.
    2) it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, someone can always file a noise complaint. A friend in law enforcement told me that there is no such thing as hours allotted for noise. It is all courtesy.
    3) Seems to me like the insure manager does not use discretion when discussing complaints and probably misinterpreted your complaint, hence the reason your neighbors thought you were complaining about their children. I think it would benefit everyone to just discuss things and perhaps try to e the bigger person and apologize for complaining to management to begin with. Let them know about how management mislead you regarding the noise levels and not you are not implying they are too noisy in general but that you work from home etc… Make it sound nice is what I’m trying to say. Put the error on managements head and let your neighbors know you never said anything about their children and that management told you they thought you were complaint about their kids. Then of course let them know management let you know they in turn complained about you and felt you were doing things to be spiteful and then explain about Watsons curiousness with the cabinets followed with an apology and follow that with a resolution, such as buying stoppers for the cabinets which would prevent the “slamming” sound. They should accept and recognize your apology and attempt to resolve their complaint and hopefully they will try to resolve what your complaint was in turn.
    4) from here on out I would email/fax any correspondence with management so you can have a paper trail of conversations. I would write them regarding this issue and mention again that you had asked about noise levels and after leading you to their model unit and stating there were no such problems with said unit just to later confirm the tenants you complained about had previously had noise complaints that in fact misled you regarding the noise and further by disclosing there were previous complaints on these tenants regarding noise levels broke their own policy about NOT disclosing personal information about the tenants. The policy they themselves said is the reason they could not admit this unit was perhaps not a good fit for you due to noise. I would close the letter with if they needed more info or had questions that the best way to reach you is via email as you will be very busy with meetings over the next few days. Hopefully this will get them to respond, in writing, confirming that they in fact did say those things to you and you would then have proof of said conversation. This will give you leverage in your negotiation to break your lease. Put as much of your discussion in detail for max mount of proof. If they don’t deny such things being said it would be the same as admitting it and I’m sure any Judge would agree with that statement.
    Just a side note, my mom took one of her landlords to court over a similar situation and won.
    Good luck BSD! And keep us posted on your progress and decision.

  • lisa page

    MOVE ! Honestly, life is too short and to be truthful, these people probably have problems in every life situation. The old mantra, ” you can’t change the actions of others, only your own actions”. You will be stressed and uncomfortable .

  • Laurette Owenby

    Bless your heart – – – ahh yes, apartment living.
    Living in an apartment is much like living ‘together’ in one big house…The difference is, you are all strangers. … making the relationships even more ‘strained’. Like living at home with your siblings, therre will always be sqwabbles, as each of you struggle to ‘live-under-the same-roof’.
    Working this out with people you love and are related to is difficult enough, working this out with strain – gers? I’m praying for your resolution… πŸ™‚

    Staying? Mean more than verbally working it out, it means changing the balance of your surroundings to thicker decor (and skin) carpets, pillows & wall hangings. Items that will absorb sound from leaving – or entering your dwelling.

    Leaving? Your best bet for dealing with this neighbor, but moving would only be beneficial if you can move to a singular sturcture. Simply moving to another apartment is a gamble.

    Wishing you positive energy..and continued success with your business.
    Depending on your area, you may be able to find real-estate-brokers willing to have you RENT a single home that has remained on the market for too long. If you have superior credit, this can be more than just a dream, as the realtors look for people to maintain maintenance of properties.

  • PinchingAbe

    Are you sure your building is even up to code? If noise carries that much, it makes me worry that they didn’t put adequate insulation/firewall protection in your building. You said it was a model home… so it must be kind of new.

    I don’t think your neighbors are going to care. They’ll probably just honk you off. You asked about noise and were assured it wasn’t an issue by management, who were aware of previous complaints of the tenants below. They probably just wanted to rent out your unit and figured you’d deal with it later. They willfully misrepresented the noise to you and your neighbors were so ticked off at you that they made a complaint back out of spite. Does your lease have any language in there about peaceable enjoyment of premises? Tell them that you believe they misrepresented the property to you and that you want to break the lease without penalty, with the return of your security deposit, or you’ll see them in court. Also, video/audio any of the loud noises below as proof, being sure to note the time on the clock. Do you have any emails you might have passed back and forth to them discussing noise?

    Check with a lawyer to see what your rights are in your situation.

  • Jamie Beth Howe

    I have had this problem as well in the apartment that I am living in. The 2 females that live above me are horrendously loud. My city has a noise ordinance starting at 10pm, so every time they are excessively loud, I call the cops and have a formal complaint lodged. I then take a copy of the complaint and forward it to my landlord. It has gotten better to some extent, but I am moving into my first house in about 2 months just to get away from apartment living once and for all.

  • Barry Bennett

    Look for a house to rent. There should be plenty on the market and you should be able to negotiate a good rental price based on the market conditions. There are a lot of desperate home owners out there that cannot get out of their mortgage, FIND ONE FAST!

  • Cheryl

    You have a rights as an apartment dweller. The person who showed you the apt. misrepresented it. He/she would not have had to devulge the names of the loud talkers, but should have told you that there is some loud conversation that has been heard on occasion. You signed the lease based on this information. As this was a misrepresentation on his/her part, you should not be liable should you decide to move. The lease should be considered void based on the fact that you entered into it under false pretenses. Google “implied use for apartment dwellers”. There is a host of information regarding renters rights for each state. You are off to a bad start in this place, it will only get worse. Thank God you didn’t buy it as a condo.

  • debra greenhill

    I would see if you can sue the landlord for misrepresenting his place and move at his expense. just saying

  • rhon

    If you are hearing “normal conversations”, it sounds like it’s more of an issue with the 2 apartments & not really the people. They certainly have the right to have a private phone conversation & you have the right to be in your home without hearing them.

    If they are not talking in an appropriate manner, that is on them. It seems that might be at least part of the problem, since you don’t mention hearing everything their kids say.

    If there was a confidentiality rule that prevented them from telling you about the noise complaint before you moved in, why was it ok to tell you about it after you complained?

    I would not want to meet with them & would be mad that the apartment wasn’t trying to handle it. BUT since it seems that the apartment staff are not being completely honest, it might not hurt to be sure that the residents know what you are actually hearing.

    Other than that, I guess you could start responding loudly to them about their converations as you hear them. ” Tell Mark, we said ‘hello’!” LOL -(kidding)

  • Cheryl Turner

    Sorry to hear this. First meet with management, the couple and you have one of your parents’ there as a silent witness. You or Mr.Savvy document the meeting and outcome. Second, childproof your kitchen so Watson can’t play! Next time there is noise after 10pm call the emergency management # if they do not respond call the police and start documenting each and everytime.

  • Arwen

    Meeting with the neighbors probably wouldn’t be that bad??? But it probably wouldn’t solve the problem. Sounds like poor management and poor insulation, which is not going to be fixed by a meeting with your neighbors.

  • Kelly

    If the problem persists then talk to the manager about moving out and tell them that you asked about the noise issues and them not telling you that there obviously were problems and maybe you guys can come to an agreement on breaking the lease and make sure you get everything in writing and signed!

  • Gayle

    From my own experience, talking to the neighbors do not work unless you are blessed with some who don’t stretch the truth and make a mountain out of a molehill. Seems since they told you noise was not a problem, you could break the lease..Go over the office manager;s head and talk to someone who will listen to you.Point being, maybe she could not tell you who made the noise bc of confidentiality but why could she not tell you there is a noise problem. You were lied to so go over their head and talk to someone like their boss.Keep going over heads until you get some results.

  • Dana Nardone

    I would definitely get out of there ASAP before you unpack anything else. I can’t imagine that the “problem” is just going to go away by speaking with the neighbors. I can tell you from experience that those apartment complexes are built so cheaply that maybe the people above aren’t exceptionally noisy, its just that the place is built so thin. We lived in one that the neighbor above was a quiet single lady who had a 10 lb old dog. I could even hear the dog walking around! I knew every place in that house the dog was at anytime during the day! I was so annoyed one night that she left her TV on all night and it kept me awake all night! I could always hear everything she watched. I would see what options you have to move to another unit or to break the lease (at the apartment managment’s expense) and try to find a new place asap.

  • jennifer

    I totally agree with moving. I lived in a apartment for the first time in 20 years. All was really quiet the first months. I lived on the second floor and a tiny built young girl moved in and it was suppose to be only her. But her abusive , obnoxious, totally loud other (not her better half) was staying there with her. She walked like a elephant, she slammed kitchen cabinets. Pounded nails into the wall at 11.30 pm, had small friendly get together s (just not so quiet) playing video games that would vibrate the floor with her ever so full base home entertainment system drove me nuts.The boyfriend chasing her throughout the apartmeKids actually jumping up and down on the floor (she didn’t have kids nor was she home when we walked upstairs and and seen these VERY young children rough housing on the floor ( And i like kids BTW, but i would never let them disturb my neighbors below me if i could help it) while the adult was busy putting on their makeup and doing their hair (by the way, there is no makeup nor is there any wig to help that mess)Oh and the best part…And you’ll love this. The sex at 4 am (and trust me….there is no man or woman that good that you have to scream like lassie getting gang banged by a entire dog kennel. I dealt with this for a month quietly and said nothing. Finally i called the landlord and asked to be let out of my lease as I couldn’t handle it. I was told no…(called a attorney) had to start documenting phone calls to land lord, visits the land lord made to check out the noise level (and yes i called her mobile at 2:30 in the morning to tell her to come over because if i wasn’t going to get a good night sleep NEITHER WAS SHE) End result I beat on the walls non stop and it just made them worse.Finally the landlord told her if she got anymore noise complaints she would take further action . End result the girl moved out like a thief in the night, broke her lease and claimed we were harassing her….So a month later when my lease was up I found a house and rented it and couldnt be happier…And by the way. I never had a noise complaint and got along very well with all my other neighbors..
    Document Document – Document if you should need to break your lease.

  • Tee

    I cant believe those morons ( your apartment manager ) is telling you to meet with the neighbor and hash it out…WTF????? That is NOT your job….and is actually a safety issue ….they could retaliate on your car….or YOU!!! You need to start recording the noise NOW….with times, dates etc…..then DEMAND to be released from lease….due to FRAUD…..she told you a lie…to protect others privacy…BULLSHIT! thats fraud….so….you need to just MOVE.. If you recored the noise .. I doubt they will fight you…I would just say you recorded the conversation you had also regarding …she LIED to protect other….(even thou you didnt) you can also bluff by saying you will sepona the compliant records on that unit……its time to be proactive…it wont get any better there for you…who wants to live in that environment….when you hate your neighbor and they hate you….. good luck…

  • Heather Walker

    Move to a townhouse or try to buy or rent a house. Then you don’t have to worry about it. I’d totally break the lease. And they would have to be paid in monthly installments. Telling them upfront noise is a deal breaker, they lied, you caught em, that voids the contract. Thats called bait and switch.

  • Breanna

    First, when you have noise again, contact the 24 hour security office (hopefully your complex has this) They should send someone out and the officer should tell the people to be quiet. If it doesn’t change, I would contact the owner of the apartment complex. Just keep record of when you call and how many times…etc..etc. If you have to call the police, do it.

    Also – if they can’t make your neighbors be quiet, then they should move you to another apartment in your complex. Do not pay $1000, that is crazy! Just keep complaining, and hopefully your not the only one that is. I’m sure other people are hearing what you are hearing also.

    From experience, I had a family living above me and they would be super duper loud and I could actually hear the 3 year old jumping off the furniture. They were up one night having a party at 1 am and I finally got mad enough and called my security office. The officer came and told them to be quiet. The next day, my neighbor came downstairs and apologized to me for all of the noise and he told me he didn’t realize they were being so loud. I think it scared him, and he didn’t want to be evicted.

    Hopefully it will get better for you and your hubby! Oh and Watson of course! πŸ˜‰ Good luck!

  • Jaimee P

    My boyfriend and I totally have this problem as well.. except the people downstairs don’t care about making noise, noise comes from their apt 24/7, yelling/screaming/music, just talking… and she talks on her cell phone constantly and she is just a loud person overall, and slamming doors where it shakes our apt, and it feels like were having an earthquake, which don’t happen where i am.. we have called and called and called the office, the cops don’t do diddly squat, we call them more times that i count, and they said they’ll send someone out, it will be hours later, and by then it’s quiet so it’s useless… so my boyfriend finally hit his boiling point and told the office either he is moving out before our contract is up or get them to move out or eveict them… they’re getting evicted finally, and theyre miraculously making more noise than ever, probably mad theyre getting evicted, so they dont care if they make more noise or not.. what else is new.. but that’s our story, hope it helps! talk to your apartment office and tell them whats going on…

  • bridgett

    Hey, I would let it die down a little. Then when you get woke up call the emergency phone for management let them hear it over the phone (put receiver to the wall whatever needs to be done) this way they know how annoying it is. I have done this many times sounds “grumpy” but it worked for me when they see that you are serious and that this isn’t going away it shouldn’t last too long. Because you ask about the noise problem before you moved in I would push this issue with upper management after all this problem could have been avoided if there was such “privacy about it why did they tell you at all?”. Meeting the couple would only cause more problems (in my opinion) because they’ve already gotten defensive with management “adjusting their schedule for you” I would suggest make recordings make sure to get the time on them . I don’t know the law in your state but after 10:00 here its a police issue. I know it hard when you have new neighbors but if they’ve had complaints then its likely that the apartment was open for a reason. Good luck.. Don’t feel bad for standing up for yourself. Your the only one who is going to do so….

  • Ashlee

    Just want to say that I love your website!
    Now down to business. I worked as a coordinator (assisted two District Managers) at a large apartment company for the last three years. My job was to take calls from resident that escaladed from the leasing office to the District Manager. The leasing person was doing their job, they are not allowed to tell you anything about other residents as they can get into trouble for that (Fair Housing laws). First steps would be to have a sit down with the two people involved and see if you can work it out. I think it is a good place to start, but from my experience…it usually doesn’t work. Make sure that if you do call security or police that you document everything for the office. I have even suggested to the residents before to contact the on call service tech to hear the noise. Then you will have proof from a person working for that company that the downstairs residents are being excessively loud. From the managers side, you get into a he said she said issue on noises, so documenting things is great for your proof. If these people have repeated noise complaints that have been documented, the manager can send then a letter telling them that they have a certain amount of time to basically stop with the noise or they will get evicted.

    Next if that doesn’t work, I would suggest speaking to the manager again and seeing if there is another apartment that you can move into. If they say no, ask about breaking your lease. I am not sure what your lease looks in your state and if you have 30 days to break your lease from when you get your keys. We had a 30 day happiness guarantee and you only had to pay for the time you were in the apartment.

    If that doesn’t work and you are still not happy. I would tell you to contact their internal customer services. Our complaints went straight to our corporate office and they would then in turn send it to our regional offices to the DMs. Nobody likes getting calls or emails from corporate regarding unhappy residents. They should take care of you from there, but it also depends on the company you rented from. Sorry so long! I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Donna Marie

    I would totally move and file a complaint with housing if you can. You may be able to get out of your lease, because the office gave it to you on false pretenses. They knew your requirements, yet they still decided to not be truthful and respectful.

    If you can get a hold of the owners of the apartment complex and explain your situation and the devious circumstances in which you were leased, maybe they can work something out with you without further money out of your pocket. You could throw in that you are considering legal action if that is something you would be comfortable in doing.

    I am sorry you are going through this. I would seriously find a housing lawyer, or an attorney site that can possibly help you with this too.

  • Johnette Kuhn

    I would definately turn them into the BBB. I have had good turnouts working through them. I would try that first. Good luck!!!

  • Pamela

    I am also having noise problems with my neighbors. I have rented in this complex for almost two years. One of the upstairs neighbors got a girlfriend who is loud..we have wood floors and she wears heels. Okay, I get that and can’t stop someone from walking across their floor but the new loud music, loud laughs, phone conversations, (bedroom activity..if you get my drift) the list goes on. I have contacted the office and they talked to them and they said it wasn’t them and they didn’t make any noise at all. The manager told me that they denied the complaint so basically I could move to a different apartment so I could be happy. I don’t want to move….. Darn PDX hipsters…LOL

  • Tracy

    Oh, I feel for you deeply. My husband and I had the same exact problem when we lived in an apt. in FL in 2000. We had the meanest people below us. They would harrass me when I was alone. She would give me the finger and call me a bad word. It all started when I moved in and was cleaning the apt. Just vacuuming really. Had a knock at the door and the guy was totally mad and said I was being loud. I said I was just vacuuming. Then it all started from there. I am telling you this bc it was an absolute nightmare for a long time, never got better and was very stressful. I would MOVE no matter what the cost was. It really is terrible to live like that! Good luck!

  • heather a

    i would get a hold of the local housing authority. there are terms in which a lease is breakable with no repercussions. Since you work from home, noise problems should be a lease breaker, however you might be out the deposit. i hope everything works out, and watson gets his cabinets back

  • Sandra

    I used to live in an old apartment building. The tennants next door to me were a lively Mexican family. The husband was some sort of “musician” who played a bass fiddle and an electric organ. Later the family decides to wedge a piano into their tiny apartment. Also, this family had three noisy, young boys. First thing in the morning I’d hear the kids running around and screaming, then banging on the piano, next I’d hear the mother and father talking loudly and then the stereo comes on with bass heavy ethnic music. This is all before 8:00 AM. When I’d come home from work in the evening I’m still having to hear their bassy music thumping away. This couple loves to argue and throw things from time to time too. Then the father decides he’s going to start playing his bass fiddle for hours, followed by the organ for hours. By now it’s past midnight. I’m tired, frustrated, depressed and can’t relax. After enduring this crap for almost a month I finally had to call the police when my neighbor cranked up his bass so loudly that a piece of the sheetrock on my living room wall literally cracked and a painting fell down knocking over an antique lamp that was very special to me. I cried. The police responded and I could hear my neighbors (husband and wife) arguing with the police officers. The next morning at 7:00 AM I’m awakened by someone knocking tursely at my front door. I look through my peep hole and see that it’s my next door neighbor. I didn’t answer him. As I was leaving for work, going to my carport, my neighbor comes charging at me screaming at me, “Did you call the police on me?” I couldn’t lie and told him that I had to due to the intense noise. He’s using every profane word under the sun at me and he even kicked my car as I was trying to get away from him and scratched my rear bumper. I couldn’t take this hellish way of life any longer and I moved in with my sister and her husband in another part of town. Fortunately I have my own home now. It’s small but quiet and comfortable.

  • Kathryn Maurin

    Meet with them at least u tried. I think complex should give you another unit for what you are paying now since they misled you. Hope it works out