Ways to Save Money on Coffee

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OKWays to Save Money on Coffee

There are some people – my husband- for example who simply cannot do without cup of coffee – or two or three cups. Well when you look at cutting your budget  – coffee might be a potential “not-needed” extra – but for many it is essential way to wake up in the morning – so I decided to give my readers some helpful tips on how to have your cup-of-joe without cause a hole in your wallet.

1) Stop making the daily run: Let’s just assume you do get that double-mocha frappe which might cost you a mere 4.00 but that adds up to $20.00 per week – $80.00 a month!!! This article will explore more budget friendly means to get your caffeine fix.

2) Expensive Doesn’t Mean Good: In a taste test – Starbucks actually came in last! Take the time and try different store-brand coffee to make yourself at home. It is said you can save over thousand dollars a year by doing this – that is enough for a trip to Disneyworld!

3) Gift Cards: If you need your fix for Starbucks – then ask for gift cards for gifts from friends and family  – also head over to Ebay – I have seen plenty of gift cards sold for less then they are worth.

4) Re-Use Your Grounds: Use your coffee grounds as much as you can! One perfect way to reuse the grounds – as a natural deodorizer in your fridge or freezer. Another way is to use them in your garden – the high nitrogen levels will help your plants grow ( also will help keep those pesky cats from leaving “presents”). Also you can keep half of the used grounds and put 1/2 new grounds – it really hard to taste the difference – never hurts to try.

5) Members Only: If you buy your own coffee beans, consider membership to a coffee club. There are plenty of coffee clubs online – just make sure you like the coffee first before agreeing to a long term membership

6) Get a mug: By using your own mug you will reduce the urge to pay for overpriced coffee.

7) Buy a Coffee Maker : More importantly buy a good coffee maker – sometimes paying a bit more will save you money in the long run. Ideally, look for a coffee maker with a permanent filter so you don’t have to keep buying paper ones. If your coffee maker doesn’t have a permanent filter and you want to save money, The Better Sip suggests using a cheesecloth or a mesh sieve as a filter – both are reusable and work just as well! Before buying a coffee maker look at reviews. I love using amazon.com for this purpose – most of the reviews are spot on.

8) Wait for a mistake drink: My hubby taught me about this – he works for a coffee cafe – throughout the day drinks are made incorrectly and the “mistake” drink will be thrown away. If you are lucky enough to be around – you can snag it for free. Now I am not saying to stand around a coffee shop all day BUT it does happen.

9) Know the policies: Get in the “know” at your favorite coffee spot. Sign up for their newsletter or connect with them through social media – many times throughout the year – places like Starbucks and Coffee Bean give out freebie drinks – for example on tax day.

10) Coffee Ice Cubes: Create coffee ice cubes to throw in your iced latte. That way your drink won’t be watered down – super yummy

– you can always be like the Budget Savvy Diva and marry a man who works at a coffee shop and get free drinks every day – jk.