Comcast Confuses Me

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Oh Comcast you confuse me so …

So here is the situation –

We live in an apartment where Comcast is our only option for internet, phone, cable.

We decided to bundle our internet and cable together.

The internet has been pretty good but the cable has been another story.

We went through 3 cable boxes until we got to our current one.

I noticed that we hardly watch cable – we normally simply watch Netflix streaming or something similar.

So I called Comcast to cancel our cable — I was SHOCKED that if I cancelled the cable then our internet would shoot up in price to be more expensive then what we are currently paying.

So I ended up keeping the bundle since it is cheaper to have the cable + internet compared to just having internet.

Why do you think bundles are cheaper then getting it separately?

Do you have any tips for me on lowering my bill?

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  • Ashley

    Id call and ask for thr current promotion….and threaten to cancel.

    Usually they will find something, better.

    I call every six months. No joke.

  • laurie

    It’s not just Comcast!! My daughter and her husband have a home phone bundled with their internet and cable because it was $5 less than just the cable and internet with Charter. Go figure!!!

  • Trisha Kuster

    We have the same problem in our area. Only one provider (Wavecable) for our internet and cable. We lost our “promo” rate for having the two bundled, so it was actually cheaper to get rid of our cable. We had a Roku player for a while, but soon got rid of that and only stream now (premium version). We had Netflix for a while, but dropped it when we picked up Amazon prime and just stream from Amazon and for what we want to watch. It’s getting pretty bad out there on the costs of “services” especially when you only have one option. 🙁 We can’t even get satellite in our area, nor DSL.

  • Linda R

    sad, sad, sad. Use your cell phone and change from Comcast if you can .. or plan your exit. I’ve heard that rabbit ears on a TV is great. Is Comcast your only choice for internet ?

  • amanda

    I’m pretty sure you are allowed to have Qwest, however, the APARTMENT has a contract with Comcast to offer cheaper internet/cable, etc. 🙂 but you don’t have to have Comcast.

  • Mary C

    What a racket. Good things monopolies are illegal! Imagine if they weren’t. Wish I could be helpful, but we have exactly the same issue. Good luck!

  • shaun

    I used to work for AT&T and trust me they are all the same. You need to request to cancel your service which will get you to the retention department. The reps there have more options available to them to offer customers in order to save the service. Hope this helps!

  • gee

    Hi! If you have a business, just get comcast business class for internet. Or if you want to do the college shuffle…. Cancel comcast, then have your husband sign up for the new subscriber deal. Deal lasts 6 mths, then cancel and change back to you. This is how I keep my cable/ internet below $70 and get free HBO.
    (That includes HBO togo!)

  • Rosalynn

    I set up a new customer account get the promotion usually internet for $19.99 for 6 months and then when that’s done my husband sets up a new account in his name and we get the remaining 6 months for $19.99 (or what ever the cheap promotion is). It’s ridiculous how expensive cable and internet can be.

  • Kim

    Just encountered the same problem with Comcast. My bundle included a landline, in addition to the cable and internet. I wanted to cancel the landline, but like you was told the monthly price would be more. What?? Was basically told by the customer service rep if I was a new customer, I’d get a better rate. What about existing customers?? Not happy with Comcast.

  • Jax

    I agree with the call and threaten to cancel option, it’s worked for me. I’ve been at my current apartment 3 years and I’ve paid full price for TV/Internet maybe 2 or 3 months tops. Call up, claim you’re going to dish or AT&T or whomever else is plausible in your area. Chances are the rep you speak with will not know you have no other options. You’ll get connected to retention and once you get a promotion find out when it will end, months are good however exact dates are great. Add a reminder on your google calender for about a month prior and call back with the same threat. It works great.

    Also keep in mind you may actually get a better deal if you keep the basic cable local channels only. If I recall correctly internet is $49.99 with TV and $59.99 without TV, you’ll have local channels for barely anything with good internet.

    Good luck

  • RB

    Sounds like the bundle is a promotional rate. I don’t know what it is where you live, but when I lived in the midwest the rate for Comcast internet by itself was something like $60/month, whereas TV + internet bundle was like $70/month… doesn’t seem like much of a savings? Anyway, I would call and complain about the poor TV service and threaten to cancel, which might get them to knock down the rate a bit for a few months. It might not work if they’re the only game in town, but it’s at least worth a try.

    Is DSL not an option where you live? We have DSL for about $35/month. It’s sort of slow for downloading big files (especially if two people are using the internet at once) but things like Netflix and Hulu work fine if you’re not downloading stuff at the same time. We have that plus a TV antenna and that is sufficient for our entertainment needs, plus the occasional DVD from Netflix by mail or the public library.

  • Angie

    I was a supervisor at comtrash (sorry for the humor) lol for 5 years and you have to play their games…. you call and say you want to cancel your serice because it is too expensive and NORMALLY they will give you another promotional offer to keep you as a customer. If they dont and they dont seem to care if they lose you as a customer, say that you will make other service provider arrangements and will call back to cancel your service. Call back again and get someone else and repeat til you get what you want. I know that its time consuming sometimes, but sometimes you gotta jump thru hoops to save money…. and just in case you get someone in like billing or something, you will need to speak to their Retention Dept. Let me know if this helps or you need any other help…. id be happy to help as much as i can, cause i hate that place just as much as everyone else…. I have my tv, internet, and phone bundled thru them and my promo ended and i called to cancel and they lowered my bill 43 dollars a month for another year…. I have to have the internet and home phone because i work from home and also for my ADT system…. so im kinda stuck too….

  • Christina

    That happened to me too! My internet alone apparently would have cost $75 compared to the bundle I had for $50, seems so ridiculous! Luckily we were able to get away and switch to Directv and Centurylink. Of course, that’s not perfect either. But it’s a nice switch for nice!

  • Charli

    Same here! My hours were cut at work and I was planning on cutting cable and just using our Roku. I was able to get a very basic cable plan, with phone & internet for $99/month. Internet and phone alone was acutally $109. We kept the basic cable and use the Roku for Netflix and our Amazon Prime. I think the “bundles” are a racket, but I have no other way to get reliable internet and in rural WV, cell service still isn’t that great. If you figure out a way around this, I’d love to know.

  • Jeremy

    Go in to your nearest Comcast office to speak with someone in person instead of over the phone. Every time we’ve had to add or remove services with Comcast, when we’ve gone in to talk to someone in person, they have given us a much better price than what was quoted online or over the phone. We pay half what my parents in law pay for the same services in the same area. Perhaps the people in the office have more power to give you a better deal, or maybe they have equal power but are just nicer. Who knows. I never call Comcast anymore. Considering the hundreds of dollars we’ve saved over the years, it’s more than worth taking fifteen minutes out of my day to stop by their office on my lunch break.