What I Bought At Goodwill

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I am so sorry it took so long to put this post up – about 3 weeks ago I went to my local Goodwill and picked up some holiday goodies

Many people do not know what great stuff is actually at Goodwill – great products and the money goes to a good cause

Above is part of what I bought – I used the Mickey Tin in my Peppermint Bark video – and one of the plates in a recent recipe

My mom loves the button tree – I love the rustic charm of it

I am also pretty obsessed with the red plate — I am not to sure if it will be in any recipe posts since it is a little awkwardly shaped – here is a closeup


Here are some other things I bought


My favorite is the tree I bought — I know I keep using in the background of a bunch of my recipes

Everything together cost about $24 which I think is a great deal

I would like to know what finds you have found at your local Goodwill?

Do you shop at Goodwill?


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  • Candice

    I bought a brand new in box pier 1 candle holder and candle!!! For $1!!! I also bought a new box of ornaments for $1, and several other little Christmas trinkets all for $7.50! Went to the Salvation Army store and got my son an under armour hoodie for $3.50!!!

  • Tammy L

    I shop there a good bit myself. Just a few weeks ago I bought two pair of jeans, one was a pair of levis and the other ones were Gloria Vanderbilt, brand new for 4.99 each. You can find some really good items there. Love that store!

  • jean

    My ever-growing teenage son needed a suit for wedding and I wasn’t buying one that would last him 1x – so off to Good Will we went. Ended up buying him a suit jacket for $10 that matched black trousers he already owned. And as a bonus he got an authentic, stitched, NY Mets Mike Piazza Jersey for $9 that he ultimately wore to the Game when they retired Piazza’s number earlier this year. Quite the successful trip to Good Will!

  • Laurie

    Goodwill, Salvation Army, St Vincent-DePaul, or any thrift store is a treasure adventure just waiting to happen. My husband and I love to visit those kinds of stores and antique malls even when we are on vacation! You never know what you are going to find! Several years ago my husband found a small Orrefors crystal bowl for less than $1 at Goodwill. It was worth $40. We antique mall shopped in Vegas last year, and found some really fun old casino souvenirs that are prettier and much more substantial that the cheap tchotchkes available on the Strip these days. We buy vinyl record albums, glass paperweights, old beaded handbags, music books, costume jewelry; you just never know what you’ll find!
    So I say, YES! Go on a treasure hunt at your local thrift store! You might get hooked. (like me!)

  • AM

    Hi all,

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! I am a thrift store junkie but, I seldom go to Goodwill. I would advise you to research Goodwill, as what I have learned, is Goodwill is NOT a charity organization. It is own by a man (can’t remember his name) but he alone has made millions from Goodwill. From what I understand, all monies from this store goes straight into his personal bank account. Plus, regardless if it is a charity organization or not, I personally feel items in the store are extremely overpriced. Give me Salvation Army any day!!

  • Samantha Gardner

    I do like goodwill for some items, clothes however a different story, as all the sizes are mixed together. BUT I have gotten some nice things from there. Goodwill carries leftover Target items. I got some SEALED in the package unopened underwear for $7 that usually run around $12 and it was the only package there and it was MY SIZE! Savers however is my favorite. I got a “The Jetsons” themed medical scrub top my size for only $2.99 and a big Tinkerbell plastic bowl for $0.69. I have had some great finds there!

  • Cecelia Folmar

    The Goodwill stores around me give 50% off everything every other weekend!! Plus in the summer they have Christmas stuff 90% off.

  • Kristen

    I shop at goodwill! I like it and sometimes find good deals like new looking sperrys, original hang tag (not the price tag but the thing it hangs from)was on them still. $7.99 verses $80.00 is good to me!