How I Saved Money On My Disneyland Trip

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As many of you know I went to Disneyland last week πŸ™‚

Before I left I made sure to snap some picture of ways I try and save also what makeup I took with me

My husband and I worked at Disneyland for years ( I think he worked there over 5 years, he is not home at the moment so I cannot ask him) BUT we wrote a post

How to Save Money at Disneyland

( The post above is FILLED with tips on how not to lose all your money at the parks)


Side Note – Watson decided to fall asleep on the hat before I snapped a picture ( enjoy the cat hair in the photo)

1) Buying Disney Goodies At Home –

I know from personal experience once you get to Disneyland you will want to buy all the cute Disney hats, shirts, etc.

Knowing this would happen I found that Forever 21 was having a clearance sale and they carry Disney merchandise – I picked up the hat for $13 and the shoes were $40 BUT I got them for $11 shipped – I also picked up a red hat

I kept all my Disney goodies in the closet till we left so it felt like I just got something new πŸ™‚


2) Bring Snacks

I bought some snacks ( including Disney themed) with us – it was so nice to be able to snack without it costing an arm and a leg

Beyond that I was able to save some money buy going on off season and scoring a pretty sweet discount on a room

Using my airplane points to score free airfare

We also ask our extended family to send Disney gift cards instead of money and we had somewhere in the range of $300 in gift cards to use

Finally The Makeup I Took


This picture pretty much sums up my favorite makeup products πŸ™‚

The look that I created with this makeup is below – enjoy!


and one finally look picture