DIY Candy Jar by Upcycling Bath & Body Works Jars

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DIY Candy Jar by Upcycle Bath & Body Works Jars

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If you did not know I have an obsession with Bath and Body works candles – I have about 70 at my house right now – we go through them quickly so it makes sense to have that many ( I love how delusional I am about this)

Regardless…I hate to throw sure a pretty glass jar out  – so I use them for crafts

So I am determined to find uses for them – If you would like more up cycling crafts please let me know

DIY Candy Jar by Upcycle Bath & Body Works Jars

This DIY Candy Jar is super simple – first you need a used candle ( in a glass holder) – I know what you are thinking what about that horrible sticker mess and extra wax but I found how to get it out. I took my stock pot and filled it up with water and set it on the stove at medium heat I place the candle in the water ( add some hot water into the candle)

Let it sit for 5 minutes – at this point I was able to peel off the sticker and the hot water melted the wax

PLEASE DO NOT POUR HOT WAX DOWN THE SINK DRAIN – it will harden and you will not be happy

I strained the water and threw away the wax

I then took a Lysol wipe and cleaned EVERYTHING – I then took some windex to make sure that glass was clear

I used Epoxy and not hot glue because I wanted to make sure I could correct the knob if it was not in the middle of the top ( which was a good thing because I messed up the first time)

DIY Candy Jar by Upcycle Bath & Body Works Jars

I made a video showing you how I made the craft – it is under 1:30 seconds long – so sit back and enjoy

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Good Luck!