Is Someone Stealing My Packages?

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What Would You Do?

This is the 4th time a package that I am aware of a package has been taken from my front door ( after the third time I put up a notice to not leave packages at the door step) The night I put up the notice my next door neighbor gave me the package I was missing OPENED saying she thought it was hers. Yesterday ( about 1 month since the last time) I got an alert that my Amazon package arrived and I did not get it ( it indicates it was left at the front door) even though I have a note not to leave any packages. Make sure to check out vivint reviews.

I would love to know what you think I should do?

Each time something did not arrive it was an Amazon order —- and always a different carrier ( UPS, FedEx and OnTrac )

I would choose to send items to my parents; however, they have been having missing packages as well


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  • Michelle

    Have it delivered to where you work or have you reported it to the police?? I would be so upset if my packages kept on disappearing!!

  • Marie OReilly

    That is terrible! It may be better if you get a post office box and have deliveries sent there. Or, keep going to check with your neighbors and see if they picked it up by mistake again…..good luck, hope it doesn’t continue.

  • Marlene

    Put up a surveillance camera by your front door with a sign that it’s being monitored by ADT. It doesn’t even have to be a real working camera.

  • Lisa

    For items ordered from Amazon that are fulfilled by Amazon, I have seen an option called Amazon Locker. I think it is a local place to pick up. I know it isn’t as convenient, but possibly an option?

  • Lora Bogdanovich

    We’ve had a similar problem. those carriers are insured. What we did was tell them we never got the package and they had no signature saying we rcvd it either. They ponied up and gave us a financial reimbursement. You know the dollar amount – just tell the carrier they need to prove they delivered it to you or pay up! We too had put up notes saying no “drop off”, must have someone sign. So, it’s on them to prove they delivered it to you. It’s unfortunate neighbors act that way. It could have been an honest mistake thogh. good luck

  • kelly mcgrew

    maybe get a neighbor that you trust to keep an eye out and send the mail carrier there next time?

    or if you cannot afford a security camera my dad actually had his car stolen from his driveway one night, he went on ebay and bought a fake surveillance camera that has batteries in it and actually has a blinking red light, giving the impression that it is a real camera. just an idea!

  • Alexis

    Honestly, put up cameras, and put up a warning that there are cameras watching the premises l, and any suspicious activity will be reported to the local authorities. Your neighbor is clearly stealing your packages. Which is illegal.

  • Juanita

    Contact amazon so that you packages have to have a signature. Its inconvenient but at least you will get your packages.

  • Rachel

    I bought an inexpensive webcam and hooked it up to my computer and stuck it out a window pointing at my door. I also put one of those fake cameras outside as well. Then I contacted Fex Ex USPS etc and requested that ALL of the mail coming to my address be signature confirmed. You can also have your packages held at the post office and you can pick them up daily/weekly etc. I live in a terrible neighborhood so I have done everything there is to do to keep my packages from being stolen. It’s happened a few times but since I did all of the things I mentioned it has stopped. Good luck and I’m so sorry this is happening to you!

  • Thao Nguyen

    My sister lives in an apt complex and she has all her packages delivered to the front desk where they can sign for it. Postal workers do not care about your notes for them. I get packages literally shoved into my mailbox even though I say to put it underneath my locked gate. I’ve complained to USPS about damaged packages and get a new delivery person everytime.

    If your package is from Amazon, send a complaint and have them ship out item with a Signature Confirmation – otherwise you can pick up package at USPS or UPS

  • angie

    I would march right next door and ask her for my package. I would do it every single time something was missing and mention getting the police involved as well as the fact that I am putting up a security camera. You won’t even have to do it. Your neighbor is a thief.

  • Donna

    I have had the same thing happen. I ordered a kindle from Amazon for a gift. I then mailed the gift when the event happened. Person I sent the kindle to never received the kindle.