Flat Belly Detox Water Recipe

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Flat Belly Detox Water Recipe

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My family has always had a herb garden – I had one in California growing up and they have one in Oregon now. What I find so interesting is that even after a hard winter all the herbs come right back – especially that rosemary ( we have an endless supply)  – but the mint is pretty crazy as well. I am always using it but it grows right back. I decided to try and make some recipes this week using mint – now it might not be the prettiest mint in the world but it is organic.

I wanted to use watermelon since we are still in watermelon season ( well right at the end) I was able to buy a HUGE slice of watermelon for $.99 at winco – so this drink really only took a couple cents to make

You might notice that there is no ice in the glass – that is because one trick I love to use is to cube the watermelon and place the cubes in the freezer which makes awesome watermelon ice cubes – the watermelon will keep your drink chilled while also providing flavor 🙂

Flat Belly Detox Water Recipe

To supercharge this drink make sure to add a little lemon juice – lemon juice will help charge your metabolism

The watermelon is GREAT for your liver – also watermelon helps your body flush out toxins ( because it contains citrulline) – it will in turn help boost your metabolism

Mint – Adds perfect sweetness to your water without adding tons of calories

This water should replace soda ( which has TONS of calories)  – not only does it increase your metabolism but it really helps flush the toxins in your body

Flat Belly Detox Water Recipe

If you do make the Flat Belly Detox Water Recipe please let us know what you think 🙂

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Flat Belly Detox Water Recipe



  • ½ Cup of Watermelon - Cubed
  • 10 Mint Leaves
  • Filtered Water


  1. In a large jar add the watermelon - I suggest freezing the watermelon before hand
  2. Add mint leaves
  3. Add water
  4. Allow to chill for 10 minutes before drinking
  5. Enjoy