Wonton Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

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Wonton Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

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I just came back from a trip and I have been trying to find really easy recipes to make for my family

I wanted to make jalapeno poppers – they are simple to make and super yummy — but I thought it would be awesome to make the mixture the night before I planned to make them and see how it would turn out

So I decided to make a mixture – basically cream cheese mixed with jalapeno – seeded and diced ( all the heat is in the seeds and pith ) but make sure to wear gloves — I did not the first time and my fingers BURNED for a good day from the seeds and pith — all you have to do is touch them and your hands will be on fire

Wonton Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

So I totally forgot the wonton wrappers in this picture – I also added a bit of salt and pepper –

The egg is not needed – I just use it as a wash to give the wonton wrappers a little bit more brownness when they fry

If you want to bake these babies feel free to do so – I am not too sure of the time or temperature – but the packaging of the wonton wrappers should help with that

Wonton Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

If you do make the Wonton Jalapeno Poppers Recipe please let me know what you thought 🙂

Love You Guys!

Wonton Jalapeno Poppers Recipe



  • •24 Wonton Wrappers
  • •2 Jalapenos - seeded and chopped
  • •1 Egg
  • •8 oz of Light Cream Cheese
  • •2 Cups of Oil
  • •¼ Cup of Water


  1. Heat oil in a skillet
  2. In a bowl - mix together till it is one mixture - jalapeno and cream cheese
  3. Take each wonton - place 2 teaspoons of mixture in each - make a triangle
  4. Use water to seam the edges
  5. Whisk the egg - using a brush - brush each wonton with egg
  6. Fry in the oil till golden brown
  7. Garnish with cilantro if you want
  8. Enjoy