Avengers – Age of Ultron – Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth Interview #avengersevent

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I was in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago with about 25 other lovely bloggers with Disney. While we were in Los Angeles we were able to interview Chris Hemsworth ( Thor) and Chris Evans ( Captain America)

I have done many interviews in my life but I think this interview was one of the best. They were all so sweet and nice and I cannot wait to share their answers with you all

Question – Tell us about your favorite fight scene in the movie?

Chris Evans – ( he and I have the same favorite scene) – “In my favorite one I wasn’t even in, the Hulk Buster and the Hulk…” Seriously guys this scene is great – you will know what I mean when you see it


Chris Hemsworth – “And at the very beginning of the film where it cuts from each of our individual  fight. And it looks like it’s one big tracking shot.  I mean, that kind of, that blew my mind as to how they even did that.” I have to agree with Chris that the first scene pretty much rocks! It is like a one shot fight scene – I have no idea how much time it took to film it ( it is really complicated looking) but it is a great scene. Actually all these scenes in the movie are pretty great 😉


Question – You guys find something that you discover about your characters each time you put on the costume? Or do you feel like you really know the character by now?

Chris Evans – there are “…always new and that’s what makes these exciting to come back to.  If it weren’t new, it would get old, stagnant and the audience would feel it.”


Question – What was your favorite superhero growing up?

Chris Hemsworth – “Superman was mine. He was in many of the first movies I saw – so it was really an influence for me.”

Chris Evans – “So I had a Spiderman toy and so that was kind of my thing.  I never really watched Spiderman comics but he was my guy. He was battling ninja turtles a lot.


Question – What aspects of Capt. America’s personality are coming from you and what are the most difficult to portray?

Chris Evans – “I do believe there’s always something that you can tap into for every role because you have to make it your own.  You can’t be too foreign off base because you know, you have to make it something familiar…I took a lot of –.  I grew up with a kid named Charlie Morris…And this kid, this was a kid who was an Eagle Scout… He is just a good guy, you know…was just the best guy I knew, just a good guy.  And so a lot of times you kind of draw parallels to what Charlie would do but the trickiest thing is to try to make him likable.

Disclaimer – The trip and experiences were paid by Disney – but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.