10 Small Ways To Save Money

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Hi Guys!

I thought it would be fun to share with you 10 really simple ways to save money you can do RIGHT now. Saving money for me is a lot of little changes that have a larger impact.

If you want this to be made into a larger series let me know. If you notice I have been posting many more budget tip posts – I have over 400 right now waiting for you to read them

Head on over HERE to check them out đŸ™‚

Now onto the tips

  1. Bring lunch to work – Eric does this – Make sure to figure out cost per lunch – I keep it $1.50 or less
  2. Take public transportation – this one is not super easy in my life
  3. Drop your landline and rely on your cell phone – We do this!
  4. Cook more and eat out less often – we have been doing this for ONE month and we saved so much money.
  5. Be aware of bank fees – Make sure not to go over your limit – those fees are killer!
  6. Make a list before grocery shopping – did you know I wrote a book ALL about this check it out HERE
  7. Grocery shop at lower-priced supermarkets like ethnic stores – do a simple google search. I go to an Asian market and I save a ton of money
  8. Buy generic products – I have done this for years – that is a easy savings of 20% each item
  9. Explore free activities on the weekend – simply google to find these events
  10. Wait on purchases before buying them – I REALLY have been doing this all year – well all of 2016 and I really have already seen money saved and I do not really notice the difference

What are some ways that you save money? Which tip above do you think will help you out most? I know the biggest one for me is limiting my online shopping.