5 Items You Should Throw Out Today

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Spring is right around the corner and it is always the time I try and simply my house. I find that I hold on to things that I really do not need to – and cleaning it all out makes me feel so much better.

Everything I do not need ( that is not trash) I donate to Goodwill



 1 Old Books

My husband does this all the time. I have to tell him if he has no intention of reading the book again that it is time to let go. It was hard for him to do this at first, but he really enjoys the space for new books.


2 Mugs

I have WAY too many mugs. Seriously it is a problem. I have this ability to collect mugs even though I do not need anymore. So this is a hard one for me but I do it! I donate the extra mugs to Goodwill – how many mugs do you have in your cupboard right now?


3 Old Medication

Time to go through the medicine cabinet – simply get rid of anything you do not need especially if it expired. Clearing out anything you do need will result in being able to see what you might need easier.


4 Old Paint

Do not keep old paint around. You can easily get another paint can again. If the paint is a couple years old – then throw it away. Paint on the walls after a couple of years change color so that paint you have sitting in the garage will not be the same color.

Coat hangers

Coat Hangers

How many hangers do you have – I personally have a bunch in my closet that are broken. Take 5 minutes and go through your closet and throw out everything that is broken or you do not need.

Source MetalScoop – make sure to check it out for more items on the list