How To Save Money At The Mall

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Can you believe that we’re already about to let the kids out for summer vacation already? Just a few short months ago everyone was complaining about the cold weather and wishing for Spring but it seems like Spring has blurred by and now we’re on the brink of Summer. For some of you that might mean that it’s time to start planning summer vacation but for me it’s a sign that summer deals are on the horizon at retailers everywhere. On par with holidays deals, summer shopping is one of my favorite markers of the season. Everything from clothes to shoes are drastically marked down and I’ve always been able to find a lot of cute summery items for amazing prices. I’m excited to see what this years haul is like.

Of course, my readers know me. I may be on the hunt for some amazing deals but I’m always hyper aware of my budget at the same time. This is why, even though the deals are hard to resist, I’m constantly trying to save even more money that I would on just deals alone. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like to save extra money wherever they can these days? Especially if you’re anything like me and you like to sneak into your local mall on occasion. Everyone knows that the mall is one of the most expensive places on the planet to do your shopping but unfortunately they’re almost always the only place where you can find the best retailers.

Knowing that the best sales can be found at the mall in the upcoming summer months, I set about making a list of ways to keep myself in check while being able to save money. I’d love to share my list with my readers so that they might save a little extra money themselves.

  • Shop the deals. I know I just mentioned this above but this is probably the most important step I can share. More often than not stores tend to mark their items up, most of the time. During sales you’re more likely to get some of your most coveted items for a more reasonable price.
  • Utilize Coupons. Next time you see a newspaper in your local convenience store, go ahead and grab one. They’re always chalk full of nifty coupons. Many large department stores include their coupons with grocery retailers coupons. 10%, 15% and 20% are some of the nice deals you’ll find from scouring the Sunday paper.
  • Say no to store credit cards. It might seem tempting and the sales clerk might be doing an excellent job providing you with great incentives but just say no. Store credit cards might sound nice but they’re a clever way to trick you into spending more money, not saving. They also tack on interest on unpaid bills so you might unintentionally wrack up some extra charges. They’re definitely not conducive to saving money.
  • Sign up for mailing lists. Often times at check out I’m asking if I want to sign up for that particular stores mailing list. I always say yes! The store newsletter always comes with some pretty nice coupons that are bound to save you a pretty penny next time you’re planning a visit to their store.
  • Set yourself a limit. I know this seems like common sense but you’d be surprised at how often people deviate from their set spending limit without a second thought to why they set it in the first place. Making a list of what items you’re looking for specifically also helps to keep you in line when it comes to spending extra. Always set yourself a budget for going into the mall or have a list handy. Your wallet/bank account will thank you for it when all is said and done.
  • Visit Outlet stores. Nearly every major store has an outlet store. Check out the locations nearest you and head on over. They often have the same items that you’re looking for in your favorite retailer but often at lower prices. Sometimes the items might have a small defect (that you might not even notice at all) or the outlet has a surplus so they sell them for super cheap.
  • Coupon Apps. I can’t tell you how many times coupon apps have helped me save money. Apps like Coupon Sherpa and Shopkick help provide coupons for some of your favorite stores. They’re sure to save you some money the next time you’re shopping for deals.

Letting me loose at the mall is something akin to letting a kid lose in the candy store. I adore shopping for the latest deals but like a lot of my readers I’m guilty of spending way more than I should. With this nifty tips I’ve been able to drastically save and hope to put them to good use when the summer deals hit. I hope they’ll be helpful to my readers as well.