The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Yard Sale

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Closeup image of a yard sale sign

It’s almost summer, and spring cleaning– for me– has stretched on for a couple of months this year. I have been putting off having a yard sale for the longest time, but I really need to free up some space. According to, the average household has about $7000 worth of stuff they no longer use or want.  I need to cash in on some of that.  I already know what has to go, but I have been putting it off because I just haven’t known where to start.  I’ve had garage sales before with some small successes, but I really want to have a smooth and worthwhile experience.  I have some good items that I would hate to let go for too cheap, but I don’t want to have to lug anything back to storage either.


Luckily there is an ebook from, a website that helps put buyers and sellers together.  The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Yard Sale is a comprehensive, easy to read manual on how to put together a professional yard sale.  It contains useful tips on organization, safety, the best times to have yard sales and—my favorite—pricing.

I always feel pressured to sell for less than I think I should get for my items, and though I have done my share of successful negotiations, the thought of a full day of it is just so stressful.  I checked this book and found great strategies for not only putting together a successful sale, but also insightful tactics on how to set prices, what to mark, where to display and even how to deal with the different types of buyers who will be stopping by.

Image of clothes on hangers at a garage sale


Knowing what to expect and how to really plan for a successful yard sale has me excited about turning my clutter into cash.  This ebook can be found on and is available free until May 27!