Good Sam Roadside Assistance & Summer Sizzle

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Country road

Well, I can’t say it finally happened, because there was no sign anything was wrong.  My car is only 7 years old with only about 60,000 miles.  Eric was planning on taking it in for its semi-annual oil change within the next few days, actually, as we both began to notice it seemed to be working harder to get up hills.

The recent development took a sudden and disastrous turn when the car up and quit on him on his way home from work!  It started with a stalled engine as he stopped at the red light on the freeway off ramp.  He got running again, but barely.  Not one minute later it was done for good.  Nothing was visibly wrong.  No lights on the dashboard.  But the engine was completely dead.

Drivers coming the other way shouted at Eric that the car was on fire!  He got out and looked under the car and saw flaming bits of dripping melted plastic!  He called roadside assistance and contacted the authorities.  I’m so glad we had the protection of roadside assistance, even though I didn’t think we’d need it.  We are coming near some of the busiest travel days of the year and I have a friend who is struggling to get an RV across the country right now.  The best value for on the road emergency service, especially when you are on a road trip, traveling away from home is Good Sam Roadside Assistance.  Their benefits are comprehensive and really make sure you are looked after when things go wrong on a vacation.

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Right now there is a AWESOME once-a-year event – the Summer Sizzler. This event offers new members ( like you) an awesome deal on their roadside assistance package. Check out all the offers HERE.

When you have a membership to Good Sam Roadside Assistance you have unlimited distance towing to the nearest service center.  Other companies limit the maximum distance to just four miles.  Another instant benefit is that your family is also covered with the membership at no extra cost, when otherwise, you might have to pay another $75 per person.  Good Sam Roadside Assistance also provides flat tire service, battery jumpstarts, and locksmith dispatch.

Independence Day is one of the year’s busiest times of travel, and it’s also one of the most important times to keep safety top of mind.  I’m so glad Eric and I can plan our next vacation with confidence as members of Good Sam Roadside Assistance.  If you are traveling this summer, or want to know more about the benefits of getting a Good Sam membership click here for more information HERE.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Good Sam Roadside Assistance in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.