Saving Money on Some of the Favorite Things You Buy

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I love finding ways to save on some of my favorite things. For some that is eating out, traveling or getting in a good workout. Below are some great tips to help you save on some of your favorite things.

Saving Money on Alcohol

It has been shown that you can by alcohol at Costco and save up to 75% off when buying the Kirkland brand. In blind taste test the testers could not tell the difference the majority of the time.

Saving on Movie Rentals

Most of us these days love Redbox for our weekly movie rentals. It is cheap and easy to access in most cases. But to save even more (get your movies for free!) head to your local library. They don’t just loan out books. You can find tons of DVDs to rent. You may even be able to find DVDs of the TV show you have been wanting to see and other movies you can’t find on Redbox or other video rental locations.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have access to tons of movies and tv shows for FREE with your membership. If you haven’t used this aspect of your membership be sure to look into it.

Saving on Travel

There are many websites you can find to get discounts on vacations, such a Groupon or Priceline. If you are not taking advantage of them you should be. But you can also find discounts at your destination location via discount cards. Just search online for the location you are visiting and “discount card” and look through the results. (ex. Athens Discount Card) Many offer up to 50% off restaurants and other attractions you may visit during your stay.

Saving on Local Restaurants

If you are staying local and want to each out, Groupon will help you find discounts in your area. There are other sites like Living Social and that you can also check out. The big savings you can find will allow you to tighten your budget or will let you go out to eat more often. Either way is a win.

Saving Money on Yoga or other Workout Classes

Do you yoga or zumba class without leaving home and for FREE by finding the classes on YouTube. There are some great channels you can check out. And with YouTube you can use your phone and do Yoga just about anywhere. If you travel a lot this is a great option!