FREE Pixar in a Box Teaches Kids Animation PLUS NEW Finding Dory Lesson

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Last month I was in Los Angeles for the Finding Dory premiere – the day after the premiere myself and 24 other bloggers were able to interview the cast from the film. While we were interviewing the cast we were able to learn about Pixar in a Box – I am so excited to share what I learned with you today.

Pixar in a Box is a behind-the-scenes look at Pixar Animation Studios’ creative process. It’s a Free online curriculum that shows how Pixar filmmakers use science, technology, engineering, art and math to create movie magic.

Pixar in a Box is all about STEM – which stand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Pixar in a Box takes this concept and teaches it to kids using the magic of Pixar.


Pixar really uses advanced math to make their films – this is why it is so cool that they are showing for advanced math and science helps create the Disney “magic”.  What is really cool is that it is completely FREE – make sure to check out Pixar in a Box.

They partnered with Khan Academy for this project and it really is tons of fun. There are so many courses that you can take. There are great videos with REAL animators plus hands-on computer simulations. There are also tests that will test your knowledge of what you learned.


Check out the Finding Dory lesson at Pixar in a Box! It just came out and it is perfect fun for you and your kids  ( I loved doing the lesson).

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Disclaimer – Disney paid for the trip and experiences – but all the opinions are my own.