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I just made a purchase at Macy’s off of their wedding registry for some friends of ours who are tying the knot.  I can’t say what it is I bought, but I can say I had so much fun perusing the website and fantasizing about what our registry would be if Eric and I got married all over again.  Setting up a gift registry is one of the great pleasures of planning your wedding.  It’s so much fun to let your dreams go wild and let the gifts roll in and there is no better place to register for key items that make married life complete.  While I was looking (I went a little off-book), I came across some great gift ideas that I thought were brilliant in retrospect, having gone through this and made some mistakes of my own.  If you are looking to buy a wedding gift, these are some guidelines to consider.  You can also get 15% off in this September until the 30th by making your purchase with the code WEDDING.  If you are the lucky couple, here are my recommendations for what every future bride and groom should add to their registry:

First off, nothing says home like Martha Stewart.  I found this terrific cast iron casserole which I picked in Spinach because it somewhat resembled the green we had at our wedding.


The next thing I had to add was also from the Martha Stewart Collection.  It’s a set of three non-skid mixing bowls with measurements.  It’s super practical and you will definitely get use out of both of these items.  The ease of use and efficiency of a casserole compared to its ability to feed a lot of people is not to be underestimated, and mixing bowl sets are always important, but these are the best I’ve ever seen, though they are very neutral, so you don’t have to worry that they won’t fit in among other cooking sets.

When we are talking ease of use, I have to mention a kitchen staple and that’s the Crock Pot.  Make cooking simple and tasty with a kitchen appliance that won’t get forgotten in the back of your cupboard.  Crock pots have so many uses, as I have shown over the years.  It is probably the most valuable cooking appliance you can have.

Moving out of the kitchen, there is one thing that I can say from experience is a must-have item on your registry and that is some really quality luggage.  This hard side expandable carry on is sleek, stylish and full of utility.  Just check out the reviews and the long list of attributes that could make traveling a breeze for the young couple on the go.


Now odds and ends can really help to bring a sense of completion to a home.  Stylish glassware like this Wishes toasting flutes collection from Waterford Crystal Gifts is just the thing to lend an air of authenticity and sophistication to the humblest of abodes.

I found these vases by Kate Spade and I couldn’t resist.  It’s easy to get trigger happy while registering for gifts.  It’s also easy to see why a couple of good vases will be instrumental in bringing some vibrancy to the home with frequently changed out real and unreal floral arrangements.

Last but not least, there are those items that you know you will love and get use from, but (let’s face it) you probably won’t ever by for yourself.  At least not with the kind of quality you find with a Ralph Lauren Cable knit throw.

Throw in a mix of items with budget ranges in mind but always try to be practical about what you will be getting use out of and what will best enhance your home.  I hope you liked these items and I know there are so many more.  What are your favorite must haves?  Tell me in the comments.