Things You Should Never Pack When Going on Vacation

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For those looking to get away for a few days or weeks of relaxation, the last thing you want to do is stress out over what you need to pack. Keep it as light as possible with these tips on things you just don’t need to pack when you go on vacation.

Excessive Electronics

You may think you need your laptop, e-reader, etc while you are on vacation, but the truth is you can likely get by with the internet on your phone. Don’t weigh yourself down with a ton of electronics when you are going to place full of things to explore that do not require an internet connection.

Unnecessary Toiletry Items

If you normally have a 10 step face regimen each night, maybe consider going without it for a week. Or if you normally use some very expensive shampoo and conditioner, maybe for a week use what the hotels provide. In most cases you will survive without it. And these types of items are the ones that will leak in your suitcase or that will cause you to be flagged by security.

Shoes for Every Outfit

Shoes are one thing I know I can tend to go overboard with when packing. Each outfit may have a special pair of shoes you want to wear with it. But believe me, those shoes will take up more space in your suitcase than you care to admit. And when it comes down to it, you won’t really notice if you wear the same pair all week.

Things You can Buy there

Always be thinking about what you can purchase at your destination for the same as what you would buy at home. If you are gone for a week, maybe pick up your shampoo and conditioner at your destination instead of packing it. Or if you travel with a baby, can you buy diapers, wipes and formula where you are going instead of bringing a week’s worth in your suitcase.

What do you never pack when you go on vacation?