24 Weeks Pregnant With Twins Update

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VIABILITY! You have NO idea how much I looked forward to this point. Did I think the babies were to be born this week – no BUT I love knowing if something were to happen they would have a chance to survive. This seriously is going on a 7 year journey to get to this point with my husband and myself – I think this is why I get a little emotional at times about it all. I do feel like a weight has been lifted and it is very nice indeed.

The other big “event” of the week was going to our child birthing class. I know many people do month long classes – we opted for one class because there is a good chance with twins I will be having a c-section. One thing I need to start thinking about is a “birth plan” – but I know any plans can change. I really do not want a c-section but if it has to happen it has to happen. The biggest concern for me is making sure we get plenty of skin to skin.

The other big event was going to a media event for Cracker Barrel – it was the opening of the first one in Oregon. Cracker Barrel is one of my favorite restaurants so I knew I had to make it. I was so happy one of my blogger friends, Amber was there as well. I have noticed my energy is going down FAST! I told Eric yesterday that my days of Costco trips are behind me. We have about 14 weeks to go and I think my energy is going to keep going down.

Here is my belly shot

Question Time!

How far along: 24 weeks

Total weight gain: 12 pound above my starting weight

Maternity clothes: maternity clothes. I just bought some more.

Stretch marks: using oil and lotion nothing yet

Bump: It is getting large – hard to get out of bed

Sleep: Sleep was better this week

Best moment of this week: Cracker Barrel 🙂

Miss anything: Goat Cheese

Movement: Both babies

Food cravings: I always seem to be hungry but never know what I really want to eat

Anything making you queasy or sick: No morning sickness this week

Have you started to show yet: Yep

Genders: Girl and Boy!

Labor signs: Nope

Belly button in or out: It is almost flat

Wedding rings on or off: On 🙂

Happy or moody most of the time: I am doing okay. I am wanting to go on a trip

Looking forward to: 26 week growth ultrasound









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  • Amanda Alvarado

    My sister had her twins naturally at almost full term. If it is what you want and there is no danger to the babies, go for it! It can be done – you just need a willing doctor who will be patient and let the babies come at their own pace!

  • susan Bowles

    congratulations best of luck prayers sleep while you rest with feet up I Just had a baby girl two years ago… I am 44 but this is the best time of my life with her loves my lil girl alot..

  • Laurie

    I had a c-section and I remember during my pregnancy I was so scared of giving birth and a c-section terrified me even more so. I was in labor for over 50 hours and my energy was gone, baby was “stuck” (didn’t want to come out) so we decided to do a c-section and I found it strangely relaxing? Like, I was cold but I had my husband with me during it and knew our mother’s were in the waiting room and I was so excited to see my baby. We are currently trying for our second and I think about birth all the time and I feel I would prefer a c-section?

    I know it’s scary but it isn’t *as* scary? Either way, I wish you and your beautiful growing family nothing but the best! I remember right after my baby was born was around the time I first started following you? And now my baby is almost 7 and you are pregnant with twins 🙂

  • Jeanette

    Get all the rest you can now, because soon your life will be very hectic. But you will love every minute.you think you love them now but when they put those babies in your arms you will really know what love is. Enjoy because they grow so fast. Today is my grandsons 14 Birthday, it seem like yesterday that he was in the Nica unit and now he is going to be a freshman in HS.