Budget Ideas To Enhance Your Vacation Rental Property

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Now that establishments slowly re-opens as the world takes some advances to achieve herd immunity, anyone who owns a small business would like to welcome back their patrons with a bang. For one who owns a vacation rental property, you must be in deep thoughts on how you can bring in something different.

However, after months of slumped sales and the remaining threat of a re-infection, it isn’t practical to take a loan and splurge in fancy improvements. Still, you need to show an edge over your competitors without creating a rabbit hole in your wallet.

Fortunately, there are budget-friendly tips that could help enhance your vacation rental property. Nowadays, more individuals are removing themselves from the day to day and using Airbnb property managers to help them save time and money. Coupled with excellent ad-targeting, you can resurrect your business back to its pre-pandemic state.

Cut The Cables, Welcome Smart Tech

Cable cutting reduces up to $220 per month in household expenses. Imagine if you own five Airbnb units. That would be more than $1000 worth of savings!

Ditch the telephone, internet, and other utility cables. Most online bookers have cell phones, which they can use to contact the front desk. Use wi-fi routers and extenders in strategic places for your guests to use. Otherwise, provide a prepaid sim chip together with the complimentary pack.

Replace the telephone and internet lines with a Smart TV connected to Netflix, Apple TV, or Amazon Prime.

Open The Pool, Keep It Warm At Night

The summer heat might lead everyone to the beaches. But for a few who are too tired for hours of drive to the coastal areas, a vacation rental with a pool would suffice. If it has been closed for a long while, it’s time for some cleanup!

After a day of draining and scrubbing, decide on how you can improve the ambiance. Avoid adding high-maintenance upholsteries. Instead, opt for rattan benches and other furniture pieces made of water-resistant materials.

Invest in a Raypak pool heater to keep the water warm at night. Although it’s summer, the unpredictable weather might freeze your guests, and that would lead to a terrible experience. Still, you would be thankful for your decision to purchase this device when the colder months arrive.

Conduct Regular Maintenance, Avoid Expensive Materials

You might need to do a re-paint on some parts of your property. But if not, your chosen paint might have saved you hundreds of bucks. Still, do not skip regular maintenance as it’s much better than costly repairs.

When it comes to decorating, avoid purchasing high-maintenance fabric curtains. Choose cheaper roman shades that give off a more haimish vibe.

For consumable items, opt for locally sourced products. Eliminate the handcrafted beeswax candle or replace it with a budget variety you can buy in bulk at Walmart. The same goes with toiletries, complimentary coffee packs, and more.

Key Takeaway

While many guests would expect more from a vacation rental property, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore the frugal path to salvage your business. Even those who can tell what’s cheap from not would understand the hardships small businesses have to go through at these times. For as long as you can keep the customer happy and convenient with your amenities, then you are on the right path.