If I Had To Plan My Wedding Again – What I Would Change

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All of the planning for my upcoming baby shower has some similarities that really remind me of when Eric and I were planning our wedding.  Website designing tools have come a long way since we put together our little page telling our story and posting all of the information for our guests.  At the time, GoDaddy wasn’t an option for building a website.  It took a lot of time to put together and without the experience to build a website that would be as beautiful and creative as the rest of our wedding vision, the page lacked the splendor and excitement of all of the planning it represented.

I wish I had access to GoCentral back then, so I could have a beautiful wedding website up within an hour, instead of taking a whole Saturday to create.  It’s perfect for anyone who needs to get information to their guests via webpage, but does not have any website building experience.

Wedding websites are a part of a bigger trend of using technology to keep guests connected to the wedding experience and it is important that the site provide important information and answer questions while reinforcing the wedding concept you always dreamed of.  GoCentral makes it easy so you can continue on with planning the perfect wedding, but additionally builds anticipation for your guests, making the event much more than a single moment that is over in an instant.

Couples use Instagram hashtags to record the day, Spotify playlists to show off their soundtrack, and Snapchat filters to show off their personalities.  You don’t have to be a tech savvy bride to join in on the fun of engaging your friends and family on the web.  A wedding website – with a customized domain – gives engaged couples one central place to gather info, share and connect.  Check out GoDaddy now to see how easy it is.

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