How I Am Doing – Update

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To sum it up in one word – BUSY. Even now I am trying to finish this sentence before having to calm down Gwendolyn who pulled out her binkie and is crying on top of waiting for the oven to finish preheating to make my chicken and fries for dinner ( did I mention feed time for the twins is in one hour plus I need to get another pump of breast milk done) all of this needs to happen in the next 90 minutes. I really would not have it any other way. Last time I wrote a post on how I am doing – check it out here — I was struggling.

Am I struggling now — not really. Time really makes things better — but I do feel like I am not doing enough. Spending enough time with each one – today I looked at my Facebook profile and saw I have posted Lawson 3 or 4 times in a row now I feel bad for Gwendolyn. I have been more excited to take his photos because he is finally opening his eyes all the time and developing more of a personality. But still I feel bad. I feel bad that I do not have enough time to get my to-do list done. My poor to-do list. Even with Eric home for the 3 day weekend it is constant go go go with these two — mainly due to some gas issues we are still dealing with. The gas is MUCH better with Gwendolyn but still there are nightly problems with both.

I also miss them being so small – though they are still small — they are still around 8 pounds each. I had a mini breakdown when they both outgrew their first sets of clothes and diapers. We are enjoying every moment and I am trying to soak everything in. But with the soaking leaves other things behind which also upsets me. Lots of emotions going on here. But in all I am very happy and feel very blessed.