We Found Out What Was Wrong With Gwendolyn

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My sweet poor Gwendolyn. I post happy photos of my girl but so often for the last 1 1/2 months she has been so unhappy. Nightly screaming sessions of 3 hours — we knew it had to do with gas issues. We went to the doctor where we were told it was colic. We use gas drops, gripe water, massages — the works and though it got somewhat better there was still hours of crying from it per day.

She was on my milk with one formula bottle at night. Long story short I decided to have her go on Similac alimentum. WHAT a DIFFERENCE. Seriously after the first bottle it is like she is a different baby — almost all smiles. The only thing I have to get over is the smell of the stuff — smells like Kraft cheese powder to me — but she does not seem to mind it. It seems like she is allergic to the lactose in my milk. And I think that is the final answer. All I know is with the switch there has not been one crying episode due to gas. I hope our visit to the doctor’s will tell us more. I keep pumping and I am able to freeze her portion — problem is that I am going to run out of freezer space really soon — within a month.



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  • Kristine Jellum

    I had the same issue with our second daughter. After nursing, she would scream and pull up her legs. The doctor said she was just had colic. But the projectile vomiting was the worst, except that was when she got relief đŸ™‚ I tried everything with my diet trying to figure out what I might be eating that was upsetting her. Nothing helped until we used soy formula (there weren’t too many choices in 1976). When I started her drinking from the cup, I gave her cow’s milk and she had no problems. She is 41 and still has no lactose problems.

  • Sarah Clavey

    My son screamed like that day and night. He had diarrhea with Similac, constipation with Isomil. I could not breast feed due to meds I take. Finally after a month and a half of switching formula we put him on Lactose free formula and he was a completely different kid. He is 11 now and is finally out growing the lactose intolerance. It was a very rough 2 months with a baby that had reflux, lactose intolerance, and would not sleep. I do more walking and massaging and bouncing than I did with the other 2 combined. I was so thankful for a doctor that understood and helped us find the solution. Glad your little beauty is doing so much better. Sorry she can not take your milk.

  • Brenda

    My son was on alimentum 17 years ago and I still remember that smell! Praying this continues to help your sweet girl.

  • Athena

    My middle child was like that with my milk, sadly it took me 8 months to figure that out. Once he was on soy formula it was like I had a new baby.
    Glad you didn’t wait as long as I did. Glad she is feeling better which means you will feel better too.

  • Katy

    My daughter had the same issue. I went on a completely dairy-free diet, and that seemed to help, but there’s a lot of hidden dairy in foods that would cause unexpected screaming bouts. We finally went to soy formula and it was like I got a brand new baby. She started sleeping through the night and we never looked back.