Tidy Cats Free and Clean™ Unscented

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I have a link to save you $2 on Tidy Cats Free & Clean™ Unscented.  In my humble opinion Tidy cats is the best litter for eliminating strong odors as evidenced by the effectiveness it has over my little poop monster Watson.


Free & Clean is so amazing because I simply don’t realize that it’s there.  It eliminates odors just like Tidy Cats always does, but I love that it doesn’t mask odor with other scents.  I have Watson’s litter box in the laundry room right next to the kitchen. That litter smell is distracting, even if it is a much more pleasant odor than the one it covers up.  With Tidy Cats Free & Clean, I smell nothing, It’s really like it isn’t there. So, it is super easy to ignore. I am free to utilize my kitchen and cook, eat and clean without suspicious odors lurking around.

I never realized how  off putting regular scented litter can be until I got to experience really great working litter boasting all the odor eliminating power without the scent.

Try Tidy Cats Free & Clean now and save $2.00 .


You can also get it in the Light Weight variety, which is really nice for me, because it’s scent free and I don’t need help when I refill his litter box.  He uses the Tidy Cats disposable boxes, but they are durable enough to handle a couple of refills before I toss and replace them.


Watson prefers Tidy Cats, too.   I’m sure with his strong feline sense of smell he appreciates the unscented Free & Clean version of his favorite litter.  It must be like having really amazing, luxurious toilet paper.

You and your cat will love it, too.  Be sure to give it a try and don’t forget to call your local pet store before-hand to make sure it’s in stock.