Finding Out You Are Pregnant – What NOT to do

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One of the most exciting things to happen to you is to find out you are pregnant. One of the initial reactions is to start planning for new baby, but be careful not to do too much right away. Here is a list of things you should NOT do right after finding out you are expecting.

Eat Whatever You Want

I’m going to get fat anyway. I may as well enjoy some good food. That is what many women think but your pregnant body doesn’t need thousands of extra calories a day. Just maybe a couple hundred extra and you still want to eat healthy for baby!

Buy, Buy, Buy

Most people want to run out and buy baby clothes, toys, etc. But try to hold off as much as you can until right before the baby is set to arrive. You typically will get gifts and since you don’t normally know what those will be, you don’t want to end up with too many of anything.


Something this exciting can be hard to keep to yourself, but most people try to wait until around the 2nd trimester to share the good news with a larger audience.

Wait to See the Doctor

If you took an at home pregnancy test don’t feel like you have to RUSH in to see the doctor. Most pregnancies go off without a hitch and the doctor cannot do much but confirm the pregnancy until later anyway.

Don’t Add on Worry

If you can help it, don’t read or listen to a bunch of pregnancy or birth horror stories. It will only make you more worried than you already are. Especially if this is your first child. Just take a deep breath and let things run their course. If concerned, call your OBGYN to see when they normally see someone for their first pregnancy visit.