Best Parts of My Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is different for everyone. And in many cases pregnancy with different babies is different for the same person. But many find commonality in the best and worst parts of pregnancy. Here are some of the best parts of being pregnant.

Feeling the Baby Move/Hearing Heartbeat

There is nothing like hearing that baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Until you feel them move inside you. Both are equally great experiences during pregnancy.

Seeing the Ultrasound

That first ultrasound is something special. There is nothing quite like being able to see the little one growing inside of you. And you get the first pictures of baby to show off to family and friends.

Not Getting Your Period

Come on. This alone is pretty great.

Great Parking Spots

Be on the lookout for parking spots at your favorite stores that are reserved for expectant mothers. Pretty awesome.

Elastic Waist Pants

The minute to stop trying to suck it in and give in to your baby tummy, the world is a different place. Plus every pair of pants you wear has elastic and is rather comfy. Kind of like wearing yoga pants every day.

Great Hair and Nails

Prenatal vitamins are great for your hair and nails. You will have some of your best hair days when pregnant. Not to mention the natural glow that women get while pregnant.  You are gorgeous!

Shopping for Baby

How many of you had a hard time waiting to buy those first things for baby? Most people just love this part and have a hard time not buying too much stuff!


Most women love to get the nursery ready. Whether or not you find out the sex of the child, there are so many cute ideas for decorating for baby. Once the room is done you will want to just sit in there and wait for baby to come.

Bringing Baby Home

Of course, the best part!

What was your favorite part of being pregnant?