Pregnancy Update – Weeks 1 – 10

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Here is your first look of Baby 4!

I honestly thought when we were going into this ultrasound that there would not be a baby. We only took one pregnancy test and that was it! It was amazing to see this little one on the ultrasound. I thought it would be fun to give updates on this pregnancy — I love looking back on updates from past pregnancies

How did week 1 – 10 go for me

In a nutshell – ” it was normal”. It really was – I think I never got back to normal after Lachlan before jumping into this pregnancy. If you did not know I have morning sickness pretty much until birth in all my pregnancies so it was kinda the same.

I do have one strange pregnancy symptom that has happened all three times now that I have never heard happening to anyone else ( so if it has happen to you let me know). I cannot sit for very long. If I sit more than 10 – 15 minutes my uterus starts to cramp ( well maybe not cramp but feel uncomfortable) this goes on from week 4 – 9. After 15 minutes I start squirming in my chair. The ONLY thing that helps – and helps right away is laying on my side. I told my OB about this and he said he never heard of this before. It is not a big deal – but a bit odd

Morning Sickness – BOY do I get morning sickness. It is that all day throwing up and hating all food sickness. I have lost 8 pounds this pregnancy by week 10. Nothing works – ehhh it is fine. I just make sure to drink plenty of water.

Any issues? Not really? All my other babies by this point required bed rest from subchoronic hemorrhages. But I am happy to say this time around nothing out of the ordinary.

Did I do anything different this time? YEP! I did not allow myself to use a doppler or take more than one pregnancy test. When I became pregnant with the twins I took about 20 pregnancy tests to see that line get darker and use the doppler daily till I felt movement at 19 weeks. However, with Lachlan I took I think 3 pregnancy tests which was fine – however I used the heart beat doppler only ONE time which was at 10 weeks and I could NOT find a heartbeat. I tried for 15 minutes and NOTHING. I thought everything was over – I was a BALL of tears. It was a hot mess on EPIC portions.

I decided to try again but higher — I was planning on working my way down annnnndd I got the heartbeat right away. I was looking for the heartbeat in the wrong spot. SOOOOOOO…… we don’t talk about that anymore in my house.

After that – I swore to myself I cannot stress like that which is why this time around one test and no doppler – just trusting in my body doing what it needs to do.

What else happened during this time?

One fun fact is that we decided to keep to news to ourselves until I was almost 10 weeks – this is when we told family.

We were also busy with the 3 kids – working the same amount of hours ( except for throwing up breaks and stops on the couch ).