Why I Have Not Been Talking About My Pregnancy

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I know you guys have been wanting a pregnancy update! Do not worry I did not forget about you. First off baby is doing GREAT, we are 23 weeks pregnant now.

So there are 2 main reasons why I have not been doing updates till now.

  1. Bleeding – This is the main one. If you remember I had a subchorionic hemorrhage with Gwendolyn and I was on bed rest for a few weeks and it slowly healed itself. Well this pregnancy once again subchorionic hemorrhage decided to happen. A subchorionic hemorrhage is when there is a rip of the placenta from the uterine wall – if this hemorrhage grows then it would cause a miscarriage. I had a 10 week ultrasound and I was told I had a subchorionic hemorrhage I was like “great” but no bleeding. Well soon the bleeding started. Without going through the whole story – until 20 weeks I was pretty much on exclusive bed rest. Anytime I would do much of anything active ( like make dinner) the next day there was blood. I had ultrasound and it was not growing but it was not going away. By 20 weeks it was gone and I am FINALLY able to get up and feel like myself. I did not want to do updates when everything was up in the air. Because I had bleeding in the 2nd trimester my OB told me there is a chance for issues later in pregnancy ( but he said not to worry – which I am not ).
  2. Progesterone – It is called the pregnancy hormone. Well my pregnancy hormone was LOW – like low low. I was put on shots and pills and it went to normal levels. Without progesterone the lining of my uterus would fall off and I would miscarry. Around 9 – 12 weeks pregnant your placenta takes over this hormone production – well not for me. Every time they did blood work my level went down more and more until I was pretty sure there was a chance this pregnancy would not last BUT my placenta FINALLY kicked in around week 15 and my numbers went to normal levels. All this was going on with the subchorionic hemorrhage so I was pretty nervous.

SO with those two things I wanted to wait. At the last ultrasound baby is doing well – ahead in growth and weight. I cannot wait to share the gender and journey with you all.