How to Make FORKY from TOY STORY 4

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Are you excited for Toy Story 4 ?! I know I am! I thought it would be fun to do a tutorial for you today – How to Make FORKY from TOY STORY 4!

Have you seen Toy Story 4 yet? The break-away character for sure is Forky! Never ones to shy away from the tough questions, Pixar storytellers explored what makes a sentient toy and what separates it from ordinary, familiar objects. Forky is a Frankenstein creature of cobbled together items. He is a toy purely constructed from the imagination of a child. Since he is not “meant to be a toy,” this triggers an existential crisis and a wild adventure for a whole new generation of kids. Since he is a DIY toy in the movie, I thought it would be perfect for sharing how to make Forky from Toy Story 4 yourself





Red Pipe Cleaner

Wooden Popsicle Craft Stick (cut in half)

White Modeling Clay

Red and Blue Modeling Clay

Google Eyes (Two Different Sizes)

Red, Blue, Yellow Sharpies

School Glue



Step 1: Create the face

To begin to make Forky use red modeling clay to make an eyebrow. Use blue modeling clay to make a mouth. Roll the clay in your hands until it is long and thin. For the mouth, connect the two ends to make a circle.  The google eyes should be two different sizes. Attach them with school glue or glue dots.

Step 2: Create the arms

The arms consist of a red pipe cleaner. Wrap the middle of the pipe cleaner around the spork, just below the face.  Forky has three fingers on each hand.

Step 3: Create the base

Use a small ball of white modeling clay for the support. Each foot is half of a popsicle craft stick.  Stick the cut edge of the popsicle craft stick into the ball of clay.  Flatten the bottom and use your finger to bring the top-up.

Step 4: Assembly and Finishing Touches

Place the fork into the top of the base.  Push it down completely. Make sure your Forky can stand well and flatten the bottom as needed. Forky has a rainbow on his left foot.  You can draw this on with colored sharpies.