Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas Review

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Thanks to Dreamworks for the free Spirit Riding Free toys and book to celebrate the holiday special Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas.

Lawson’s New Power

It happened. I didn’t want it to, or even think it would, but it did. Lawson figured out how to use our tv remote. It started with the volume, then the power button. suddenly he can navigate the smart screen, open apps and select a movie or show to watch all on his own. Thankfully, he mostly shooses age appropriate content. occasionally he’l skew toward the more maure Y7 rating. Although he has attempted multiple times to play the latest Martin Scorsese film, which…no. It has been fun watching him go. It’s only frustrating when Eric and I are watching something and we loose track of the remote. He still doesn’t know how to ask permission first, and sometimes the TV screen just goes black without notice.

Getting Ready For the Holidays DreamWorks

In most cases we all watch kid programs together, so we try to have our say and if necessary excercise our veto power without too much pushback. It’s really nice to have awesome shows like Spirit Riding Free accessible on Netflix because the kids are really into it and we are able to enjoy it too. I like it as a way we can wrap up the day together as a family before the kids’ bedtime. I’m really excited that DreamWorks sent us some cool toys from Play First that will make great Christmas presents. We got a Spirit and Lucky Grooming Paddock and a collector doll and horse for free, plus a Little Brown book “Lucky’s Guide to Wintertime Whimsy”.

Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas

Today is the day the new Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas became available on Netflix and it is a lot of fun for the family. It’s nice to have a christmas special that we can all watch and enjoy, since usually they won’t pay atention to a full film. You don’t have to follow Spirit Riding Free to love Spirit of Christmas. You can just jump right in. But it’s a real treat for fans of the show. What’s your favorite show/holiday special for kids?