I Tried the Free Games on Calculators.org

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I’m excited to collaborate with calculators.org for this post. This is my honest review of the games on calculators.org, which have no adds and no signup to play math games for free.

I came across calculators .org as a great way to educate kids while school is out of session. Although my children are not yet school age, they are beginning to really learn a lot and I found that spending educational time with them is already essential to our daily routine. It’s because of this that my curiosity about homeschooling and various ways to educate older kids has been raised.

What is Calculators.org?

Calculators.org is a website full of useful tools for calculating home and auto loans, saving and retirement, and business apps as well. On top of which there are a variety of learning tools for math and science. Not the least of which is the extensive list of mathematics games designed to help kids get fast with their math skills. I have played some of these games and they are great practice for youngsters. The difficulty of each game and a brief description is included with each thumbnail. There are no ads and no signups required to play math games for free.

Fun Free Math Games

The games each tackle math in a different way. One has you solve problems from multiple-choice based on math operators you select. You must fend off cartoon monsters by solving the problems quickly. Another has you choosing the correct operator missing from an equation. These games require kids to think on their feet and keep up with the pace of the game. I love them, but I wanted to give myself more of a challenge.

I took a turn at a game called quick math practice. It has a much higher difficulty rating so I gave it a try. Wow! I have to admit, I was challenged. Ghosts fall down on you with math problems below them. You have to type in the answer to each one in order to zap them before they get to you. Talk about pressure. Oh, did I mention they used negative numbers in the problems?

Okay, I had too much fun learning the ropes and taking some time to play math games for free. I think these are excellent tools for training kids in math and calculators.org is a nice site to have access to when you need some math help or a specific calculator. Go there now to check it out.