Update on Baby’s Brain Scan – Ultrasound

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Here is the first part of the story HERE 

So I really wish I had better news … or any useful news.

Long story short when we did the 20 week ultrasound there was a part of the baby’s brain that was abnormal ( I never heard if it was misshapen or just completely missing). We have been waiting for 3 long months for a follow up ultrasound… Seriously…

So this is what happened. This baby is so stuck in my pelvis that there was almost nothing to see in the brain. It seriously looked like a round mass with little else. There was no way to see a profile – nothing. Even with the vaginal ultrasound she could not see anything. She could only measure the size of the skull. We did find out that the baby’s head is right on the cervix and the cervix is funneling ( which is most likely due to the contractions I have been having).

So in the end… we have ZERO answers. I am a bit heartbroken and not the update I wanted to give you all. We do have an ultrasound set for this week to try and see if we can see the brain ( I am happy the doctor’s want that information too) – but I am doubtful the baby’s position will be much better.

Either way this little one will be so loved – there is nothing horrible if it is missing – there would be mobile and speech issues.

Thank you again for all the positive well-wishes.