20 Weeks Ultrasound Update – Twins

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This is the BIG ultrasound. I have been looking forward to it for a while – not looking forward for the 2 hours of the actual ultrasound but I was excited to see how much they had grown in 6 weeks.

The Good

They are growing very well – both are ahead in growth by about 1 week. This has been the same since about week 11 – bigger is better in my opinion. They both have big heads which runs in my family ( I never can find a hat that fits). They both have the right number of toes and fingers. Placentas and fluids look great. My cervix is at 3.8 cm which is right where it should be.

Baby A heart rate – 142 while Baby B is at 138.

Baby A is 15 oz while Baby B is 14 oz

For me everything is pretty good – weight is up 5.5 pounds from before pregnancy and my blood pressure was great 117/79

The Bad

So the bad is not technically bad but it really broke my confidence a bit. I thought Baby B was to the right under my belly button vertical while Baby B was vertical on the left. That is how it was at the last ultrasound. So I have been checking with my doppler at these two places….. WELL I was wrong about placement. I feel stupid not thinking that these babies would grow. LONG story short – I was picking up Baby A twice. Baby B is actual now horizontal above my belly button and Baby A is horizontal under my belly button. So it is not bad news I just feel a bit stupid.