My 2021 Honda Odyssey Test Drive

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I was given a chance to test drive a 2021 Odyssey from Honda in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

We were so thrilled when we found out we had an opportunity to test out the 2021 Honda Odyssey. We currently lease a 2020 Odyssey and we couldn’t wait to see the upgrades in store on the latest model. The new Odyssey does not disappoint. That’s a really good thing because when you have four children in car seats, there aren’t a lot of ways that you can go. Eric and I enjoy the Honda immensely, It’s roomy with more than enough options for how to arrange the kids’ seats. The storage in the back is significant. The vehicle handles nicely and has a lot of helpful safety features, which we appreciate. The 2021 Odyssey is even better. We couldn’t wait to take it out for an extended trip to see how much fun we could have. Then came the wildfire.

Oregon Wildfire and Evacuation

The week we were scheduled to get our Honda Odyssey, a huge wildfire broke out in the national forest not far from our home. When it happened it came fast. The fire blazed out of control and the state had virtually no resources to combat it. All the politicians wanted to do was talk about climate change, while other states flew in resources to actually stop the spread of calamity. towns were evacuated and lives were lost. Thankfully, we remained out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, we were kept on high alert, waiting for a clear sign that we needed to evacuate. We were ready to leave, but we did not want to pull everybody out of the house with no plan as looters targeted empty homes during the crisis. The sky was dark and red for several days with ash drifting through the air. It felt like we were in a Zach Snyder movie. We installed a fresh air filter, taped up the windows, turned on all the fans in the house, and ran an ionic air purifier upstairs. Whenever we could, we took the 2021 Odyssey out to try and escape the smoke that blanketed the area.

The Future of Minivans

It definitely felt like we were in the future. A post-apocalyptic future, but a future nonetheless. Disease, fire… I even remember reading a story at that time about an actual plague of locusts! All I can say is with the world crumbling down all around us, its really important to have a car that you and your family can feel safe in. The 2021 Odyssey gave us that. With so much on our minds, we appreciated the safety features helping us stay visually aware of our immediate surroundings, even while we were distracted by everything else.

Comfort and Convenience

The two things we usually look for is true convenience and whatever comfort we can afford. The 2021 Odyssey is truly convenient because so many of it’s features just make sense. For example. there are three zones of climate control, which help us make sure all of the kids are neither too hot or cold.  We were also able to keep our oldest entertained with the rear entertainment system, which Eric was able to sync with his iPhone. The HondaVAC was Erics favorite feature. He didn’t need to use it, but he wants it n our current model desperately. My favorite feature is the wireless phone charger. I can just set my phone down where I typically do and the phone gets a charge. Eric admits it’s pretty cool too, but he didn’t get to use it.

Alls Well that Ends Well

In the end, we got to drive around in an upgraded model of the minivan we already love. We enjoyed the new features and the kids had fun with the experience. The fire was contained soon after and almost as soon as we were taken off of the evacuation notice the air quality began to improve. I certainly enjoyed riding in the 2021 Odyssey and testing all of the upgrades. Eric liked driving it and he says he thinks it looks cooler. The interior is a dream, spacious, and easily movable seats. We can’t wait until our next 2021 Odyssey adventure.