How Cosori’s Largest Air Fryer Makes Cooking For My Family Easy

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Cosori sent me their CO158-AF air fryer in exchange for my honest opinion. Here is my review:

We have been through our share of air fryers since the concept was relatively new. Design, size, and function have changed so much since our first foray into the cooking technology. I love air fryers because they keep calories down and reduce messiness in the kitchen. I don’t like cooking with oil. Hot oil popping and crackling of the stove is no fun. It’s bad enough to get those burning splashes when you try to fry food in a skillet, but when you have kids who can’t help but run around the kitchen anytime your cooking it’s a serious no-go. Air fryers make fried foods safer and they also eliminate the slick floors produced from spilled oil. Until I got to try out the 5.8-quart Cosori air fryer space was always an issue, but this large are fryer makes it possible to feed my family much faster than I am used to.

My Favorite Uses for the Cosori Air Fryer

My number one favorite thing to use my 5.8-quart Cosori air fryer (CO158-AF) for is french fries. It’s the only good way to get crispy fries. But I also save loads of time using the large basket to make up to four grilled cheese sandwiches at once. I love what a time saver this is and how easily I can get everybody fed. If you don’t know what to make with the Cosori air fryer, there are 8 quick recipes included that are sure to free up your time and make meals easier to prepare.

So Easy to Use

The Cosori uses a dial that makes selecting time and temperature super easy. The tick marks are clear so there is no worry about rubbed or chipped paint. The non-slip dial and indicator light all help make the cooking experience more user friendly and guess free. I find more often than not that meals I make include a side of some sort that I can make within the generous space of the 5.8-quart Cosori air fryer. I also enjoy making cheesy garlic bread with pasta, or crispy hash browns with scrambled eggs or pancakes.