Wubble Rumblers Review

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I was given Wubble Rumblers products to sample for free and compensated in exchange for this review.

Fact: I have boys. Boys are…different. Okay, I’m starting to see hints of it from Lachlan as he expands his territory and exhibits his unique brand of exploration and discovery. Lawson is full-boy, which means lots of rough and tumble play. Gwendolyn, as a twin has necessarily had to be tough and shows that she can hold her own against the boys, but her general demeanor is decidedly different. What that means come Christmastime is that while they both enjoy rough-play, Lawson needs more of an outlet for his physical– shall we say– drive?

Safer Horseplay in the House

Every once in a while we get complaints about boo-boos from shoving or hitting. Nothing serious, thankfully, but we don’t allow fighting, even if it’s playful for the obvious reason that it can lead to injuries intended or otherwise. That’s why I love the new Wubble Rumblers. They provide a safe outlet for Lawson and minimal risk of anyone sustaining any real physical damage.

No Trouble with Wubble

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand. Wubble is known for its slime balls and similar toys that provide a sensory experience for kids while remaining mess-free and safe. Throw and stretch slime to your heart’s content without fear of angering mom and dad! t’s truly the best of both worlds and keeps everybody happy. Wubble Rumblers take horseplay to safer levels by using inflatables as stand-ins for an actual person. There are even big inflatable fists and karate hands for more silly play fighting shenanigans.

A Fighting Chance

I gave Lawson a Ninja to play with and he loved it! So did Gwendolyn. They both enjoyed tackling the ninja, kicking, slapping, and stomping him with glee. He was very easy to inflate and he grows to a gargantuan three feet! Besides the Ninja, you can also purchase a Wrestler from the Wubble Rumblers line. Purchase these Wubble Products and more on Target.com.