Am I Rich? Pregnant with Baby 5

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Are you rich?

Now I have been asked many questions regarding my kids – but never have I been asked this.

All this happened at my 21 week ultrasound appointment – follow up. The nurse came in – I guess she did not know I had any other kids. She asked if it was my first I said no. I tend not to say how many kids I have if they are not around because the next question is ages and that tends to yield some not so kind words.

She asked how many I had and their ages I told her. Seriously her mouth was hanging open and she said ” Are You Rich?”. I had to laugh. I answered the truth “no”. What I should have said ( I hate coming up with answers days later to an interaction) was  – “I am rich with love”. We are not rich but I stretch every penny and love on my children.

The doctor came in and I did not see the nurse again. I told my mom about the interaction and she thought it was really unprofessional to ask something like that. Do you think the nurse should of said that? What an odd thing to say. I am still kinda stunned.


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  • Jessica

    I think some people are just curious how people can afford many kids. I wouldn’t of said that but wonder to myself. They can probably use advice lol.

  • Angelique Wood

    I am sorry, that is so unprofessional. I am so sorry that you had to put up with that. It was unprofessional and rude. I would have been a little more colorful telling her it is none of her blank businesses.

    Guess what, one of my best friends in school was from a large family of eight kids (she was the second to the youngest) and they had money but the kids still wore hand me downs and their parents were very frugal. All of the kids turned out incredible with great careers and families of their own. There was alot of love in that family.

  • Dawn E

    Well…I had 3(singletons) under age 3. The nurse recanted with….”WOW….you must not have TV to watch!” Implying that we were like rabbits. Took me a second to figure out what she was referring to. Then I recanted with…”No…they are adopted and you take what you can get….when you can get it!” OHHHH was the response….So it happens.

  • Yvette

    I hope all went well at the Dr.

    People are curious. The patience you have to have raising kids. It would HV been alright if she would HV kept her comments to herself.

  • Kristin K

    You should have said Rich on Love and High on Life – NOT to mention Soaking up every single BLESSING that God gives me.
    I honestly, DO NOT know what some people think sometimes. I mean I typically am a person who has no filter and I am blunt and to the point but I have common sense too and manners.

  • Taylor

    I feel she should had kept to self-
    Honestly think she was thinking it and it came out-
    I don’t think should be offended or bash her-
    I understand time and place- to feel she should do better with being a nurse but nurses are curious too.
    She was curious so she asked- better than her talking about it to someone else!
    I love a person that is upfront!!

  • Suzanne

    I am not a nurse, it may have been unprofessional. I believe that people, in all jobs dealing with the public, come up with ways to make their clients/patients/etc. feel more comfortable. Hers was to ask about other children. And you shocked her! And what she said probably just popped out. And, like you, she is going over in her mind what she ‘should’ have said. I admire you, having all those little lovelies to love, but I wouldn’t want to be you! Part of that could be that I am in Grandma mode now and too tired to keep up-ha!

  • Amy

    I would say she probably shouldn’t have said that and it was probably you know her idea of humor. You shouldn’t keep facts from the doctor although the doctors are probably know you you’re working on number five.
    I suspect your birth control, I believe you said you were on it just is just zero percent for effective with you. Never heard of that before. You might just want to brace up that you’re just going to have a child every year.
    Hope the ultrasound went well for baby five.