Why Every Mom Needs a Monthly Journal

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Every mom should keep a journal! Why? Well, it can be used for a variety of purposes, from practicalities like creating schedules and budgets to jotting down those key moments in your children’s lives that you want to remember.


A journal can also be your best friend. When stressful days become too much, you can always turn to the comfort of your journal to express how you feel.


Keeping a Journal Is a Great Way to Destress

Everyone surely knows that stress needs an outlet. And as every mom knows, while yes, having children is a true blessing, looking after your kids, day in day out, on top of everything else you have to do can lead to high-stress levels indeed.


Just like talking to someone in therapy can help because you’re giving a voice to the stuff bottled up inside, the same goes for keeping a journal.


If you wrote in a journal as a teenager, you’ll remember just how much getting stuff off your chest, even to a blank sheet of paper, helped to get you through turbulent growing pains. Well, the journal can help you do the same as a mom.


Write down your thoughts and feelings and you’re sure to feel calmer, get a good night’s sleep, and be ready for the following day. You can also look back on your journal entries to learn more about yourself.


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For Ease, Keep a Digital Journal

While you may like to go with an old-fashioned paper journal, it’s recommended you keep a digital journal. That way, you have an infinite number of pages and you ensure it is safe from loss or damage.


However, you might end up creating different documents at different times, in which case, make sure you stitch together your month’s entries into one digital copy. Thankfully, it’s quick and simple to combine PDFs journal entries into one document by using an online PDF merging tool.


Keeping a Journal Keeps You Organized

A journal doesn’t only have to be used for writing personal entries. It can also be used as a diary and time planner. With so much to do as a mom every day, everything will go much smoother if you plan your days well. 


When days go smoother, there’s less to be stressed about. Jot down tasks to accomplish each day, times that you need to do certain things, such as pick up the kids from school, and anything else that is part of a day’s schedule, and you’ll be able to manage your time well, be more efficient, and enjoy your day!


You Can Use Your Journal to Track Finances

In addition to planning your day, you should use your journal to track your finances and budget. When everything is in one place, it is much easier to manage. So, use your journal to keep on top of your spending.


If you have control over your budget, you will not only save cash. You will also develop more satisfaction and confidence.


Keep Track of Your Kids with Your Journal

You may already have a book devoted to recording the key moments in your children’s lives, but jotting them down in a journal is also recommended. That allows you to write down your own feelings about your child’s first steps or first A grade at school, for instance.


That part of your journal will make fascinating reading in years to come. And it will serve to remind you why those moments of stress are more than worth it!