8 Inexpensive Gifts You Can Create with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

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Nothing beats personalized, creative gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. Creative gifts tell people you really went the extra mile to make something that is personal and unique to the recipient. 


One of the coolest ways to do this is with crafting! There are tons of different craft options to get creative with like painting, crocheting and scrapbooking, but one medium that is so easy to customize is heat transfer vinyl (also known as iron on vinyl). 


This material uses heat to adhere designs to fabric and basically any other blank item that can withstand the heat needed to apply. There are several types of HTV that you can utilize for your gift giving endeavors including matte, hologram, glitter and flock.  Flock HTV is soft, fuzzy, and it is actually thinner than you might think. Or you can go with an eye-popping material like glitter. The choice is up to you! 


If you love crafting and you want to give personalized gifts to people who will cherish them forever, here are eight inexpensive gifts you can create using HTV.


  1. Personalized blankets


While everyone else is gifting personalized t-shirts, your loved one will feel extra special with a personalized blanket. Snuggling up next to a fire or lounging around on the couch with a customized blanket makes the cold weather feel a little warmer.


  1. Hoodies and t-shirts


Customizing hoodies and t-shirts with HTV is a fun way to get in your craft groove. Since t-shirts come in a variety of colors, you can create some stunning designs. See your designs come to life when you see them printed on custom shirts. The exciting part is that heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is great on many different kinds of fabric. What matters is using the right amount of pressure, temperature, and timing to make these imprints on your garments. Unlike other apparel printing methods, the likelihood of ink running over is non-existent. This is because HTV uses a heat-activated fabric-friendly adhesive that doesn’t run over. 


  1. Beanies and ballcaps


People wear hats all year round, so why not personalize a beanie or ball cap with HTV? You can create something featuring their favorite team logo or common phrase they say. The surface area is smaller on a hat, but with the right material, you can make a small design look great!


  1. Grocery totes


Since grocery totes don’t get worn and washed as often as t-shirts, you can expect them to be a long-lasting gift. This makes totes the perfect item for combining several craft mediums like HTV, fabric paint, and puffy paint for one amazing gift!


People love personalized canvas bags for a few reasons. Not only is it fun to have everything in your life scream “you”, but reusable totes are ideal for your environment-friendly friends and family.


Many states have implemented a plastic bag ban that applies to thin, single-use plastic bags. These bans prevent businesses from distributing those bags to customers. Some states allow businesses to distribute reusable plastic bags if they meet certain requirements, but there’s a fee for these bags. 


So with your thoughtful gift, they can save some money and the environment one reusable tote bag at a time. 


  1. Messenger bags


Messenger bags are perfect for heat transfer vinyl. Unlike backpacks, messenger bags have a large, unobstructed surface area that’s perfect for large HTV designs.


  1. Leather bracelets


Leather bracelets are boring when they’re just made of leather, but when you add HTV designs, they come to life.


Simple leather bracelets are pretty cheap at the craft store, so stock up on these and add some fun HTV designs for your next special occasion.


  1. Customized jeans


Some things you wouldn’t even think to add HTV to! Jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe so why not make them stand out with some customization using HTV! You can create faux rhinestones using hologram HTV for some embellishment or decorate the back pockets with a full design. 


  1. Canvas shoes


Like hats, canvas shoes don’t have much surface area available for designs, but they are fun to add small HTV flourishes, designs or words to. Who doesn’t like customized sneakers?


For many people, shoes are an important part of their wardrobe and are the first thing they notice about other people. A pair of HTV-customized kicks makes a great gift for anyone who likes to stand out!


New to heat transfer vinyl (HTV)? Try it – you’ll love it!


If you’re new to HTV, make yourself something fun like a hat or t-shirt. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked, and you’ll be making HTV gifts for all of your friends and family.