Top 7 signs it’s time to update your wardrobe

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What do you mean by wardrobe update? A complete revision of existing things, getting rid of the unnecessary, replacing what has outlived its own, and adding what is missing. This is not about a couple of T-shirts that we threw away when cleaning the closet. If we talk about updating the wardrobe, we will mean that at least a third of the things need to be added or replaced. Women’s clothing Australia store can help you update your wardrobe!

Here are 7 signs that it’s time to update your wardrobe:

1. You have changed physically

Let’s start with the obvious. If for some reason the body changes significantly (weight gain or loss, changes in parameters due to sports, health status, and so on), the wardrobe will have to be updated. Perhaps entirely – it depends on the radical change.

2. Your lifestyle has changed

For example, after several years of remote work, you go to the office. Or, changing your specialty, you get from an organization with a strict dress code to a place where no one will be surprised by either jeans with sneakers or t-shirts with stupid drawings. Or go on maternity leave. Or you move – from a metropolis to a house in the countryside, from a cold climate to a warmer one. Or marry a millionaire and now you will accompany him during social events, why not. In these and many other cases, the image and routine of life changes to a new one. And a wardrobe that fits the previous life period will most likely not satisfy all the needs of the updated one.

3. You have changed internally

Our habits, outlook on life, even character during life can change quite dramatically. These changes occur abruptly or gradually, often entailing a desire to look somehow different. For example, as we become more serious and organized, we may tend to wear something less casual than before. Falling in love – want femininity and romance. Relaxing and becoming softer – change the strict style to casual. And having achieved greater self-confidence, abandon the neckline and mini, or, conversely, finally let such things into your wardrobe. You feel that internal changes are asking for external changes – it’s time to start updating clothes.

4. Most things have reached their end of life

Along with the popularity of “slow fashion” and conscious consumption in recent years, the desire to purchase high-quality clothing and respect for things has begun to return. It’s nice when a favorite thing lasts a long time, giving us the opportunity to rejoice again and again, putting it on. But eternal clothes (fortunately or unfortunately) do not yet exist. Every thing will come to an end at some point. This will be clearly indicated by her appearance: wear, fading, loss of shape, stains that cannot be removed by anything. If there are more than half of these “old men” in the wardrobe, plus these are basic, often worn things, this is a sign that it is time to update.

5. You have not bought or sewed new things for a long time

Clothes that have been in the wardrobe for several years can remain physically quite safe. For example, if you wear a thing once a season – or not wear it at all. But a sweater that has not yet become covered with spools or an almost new dress over the years can lose its relevance, morally obsolete. If there are few such things, there is no big trouble. But when the bulk of the clothes in the wardrobe are no longer very relevant in terms of style, cut, decor, prints, color combinations, this is a sign that it is time to update the wardrobe. It is not necessary to change everything at once. You can start with a few basics and add a couple of accessories that are on trend right now.

6. Always have nothing to wear

Usually it’s not that there are very few clothes – quite the contrary. Often, with thoughts of “nothing to wear,” we are just standing in front of a wardrobe overflowing with things. Maybe we don’t know how or we forget to get rid of the unnecessary, and suitable clothes are lost among the obsolete ones. Or maybe some changes with us or our lives did not happen abruptly, but slowly, imperceptibly. And more and more frequent “nothing to wear” signals us that the wardrobe needs an update.

7. You  just really want to update my wardrobe!

In the end, often appearing thoughts, turning into an irresistible and enduring desire to update the wardrobe is one of the sure signs that it is worth doing it. Especially when you want not just to please or console yourself with some (sometimes – any) new thing, but to change your style. It happens that external changes can lead to internal ones. Maybe the desire to start dressing differently is the first step towards positive changes in life and taking new frontiers? And perhaps to improve the background of mood and achieve harmony. In both cases, updating the wardrobe can be an interesting adventure, accompanied by finds and discoveries.