The 3 Steps To Master The Wet Shave System

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Women have spas to go to but men seem to be left out of the equation. Luckily, they can go to the barbershop and get an old-school shave that feels like going to the spa. The whole process feels so luxurious and isn’t just about getting the whiskers off of your face. The problem is that not everybody has access to a barber that knows how to do one. 

This means that you’ll have to take matters into your own hands and figure out how to do a traditional wet shave with a straight-edge razor. Once you get the hang of it you will never go back to disposable razors again. In this article, we will go over how you can do your own traditional shave at home.

1 – Get the right gear

The first thing that you need is a razor. You can go with straight-edge razors that have disposable blades but they aren’t going to get as close a shave as you need. The best bet is to get a traditional razor made from carbon steel with a very sharp edge. Next up is keeping it sharp by getting a sharpening stone and a strop. 

You’ll need to learn how to sharpen the razor since it is essential to have a very sharp edge. If it gets dull or pocked then this is going to lead to problems when you shave.

Once you have the razor and gear for sharpening you have to then get the right equipment to make the lather. The lather is an essential part of the shave and is equally important to the razor. You’ll need a badger hair brush to create the lather and apply it. In addition, get yourself a good shaving soap that has lots of fat for lubrication. A small bowl or mug will be where you create the lather. 

2 – Get wet

Lots of water is your friend when it comes to the wet shave. You have to get the skin wet and supple so make sure to have a sink full of hot water ready. Then soak a towel in the water and wring it out until there is no water dripping from it. 

Place the towel over your face where you will be shaving and let it sit until it gets cool. Then repeat the process. It’s important to get the pores open, the whiskers soft and the skin moist. 

Then it’s time to make the lather. Dip the brush in the hot water and put the soap in your bowl. Rub the brush vigorously over the soap until you form a thick and creamy lather. At this point, you will need to work it onto your face. 

3 – Use a steady hand

Once your face is lathered up you can start shaving by using steady and slow strokes gently across the skin. Make sure to have the angle of the blade close to parallel to the skin. Start on one side and work your way around until you’re done. Once you’ve finished then wipe off the excess cream and douse yourself in an old-school aftershave.