How To Promote Your Business With Video

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Videos are here to stay. YouTube is the most used search engine after Google, as more and more people are searching for and watching videos. Viewers are looking for videos to learn things, be entertained, and for various other reasons.

If you are running a business, you must use videos to promote it and make people aware of your products and services. You can also use videos to create a brand identity for your company. 

Videos give you the avenue to be creative. You can use one or a series of videos to communicate your message and engage with your viewers. You can even buy youtube likes to get more viewers and reach. 

Several companies use videos as a medium to promote their businesses. When you create such promotional videos, you must try to showcase the highlights of your business.

To this end, this guide will help you use videos to promote your business and its USP to your target audience. 

Best Ways to Promote Your Business with Videos 

Videos can communicate powerful messages with ease. Therefore, if you want people to know about your company and the kind of products and services it offers, you must create a well-thought-out video that is entertaining and informative at the same time.

Let’s look at some ideas on how you can use videos to promote your business: 

  1. Introduce Your Company 

Unless and until you have a pan-country presence, there are high chances that people don’t know about your business. You should take this gap as an opportunity to promote your business in the best possible way.

You can create a video to introduce your company and the kind of work it does by creating an introductory video.

You can shoot an abstract video and add text to depict your message, or you can film an employee from your company who can highlight the USPs of your brand. 

When you create an introduction video, you must ensure that the video looks professional. Also, it should convey the message clearly, as ambiguous statements can create a wrong perception of the company in the mind of the viewers.

You must also create a video that’s interactive and engages well with the audience. If you fail to make an engaging introductory video, there are high chances that your audience will not be interested in watching other videos that you put out. Therefore, try optimizing your video filming process and shooting multiple takes if required.

  1. Share and Highlight Customer Testimonials 

Customers are the custodians of your business. Hence, your primary objective is to provide them with best-in-class products and services.

If you have a loyal customer base for your company, pick some of the customers to act as an advocate for your brand. Reach out to some of your frequent buyers and ask them to record a video of their experience with the company’s products or services. 

When customers share their experiences, the viewers understand how they can fill a gap or address their struggles using the company’s offerings.

You can ask these selected customers to record video testimonials and use a video editor to make them more visually pleasing and compelling.

Once done with the editing, you can post that video on all your social media channels. You can also post testimonials on the products and services landing pages to facilitate other potential consumers’ purchase decisions. 

  1. Give a Glimpse Into What Goes on Behind the Scenes 

You might have a professional style when creating and posting content. However, your audience should not think of your company as boring and stuffy.

Try recording some behind-the-scenes footage to capture the essence of how you and your employees work. Use a video editor to stitch these clips together and create a fun video. 

The best thing about creating a behind-the-scenes video is you get to include your staff. When you feature your employees in a video, viewers get curious to learn their opinions on the company and why it is a preferred workplace compared to others out there.

These videos will also help you showcase your company’s culture and engage with the viewers. You can use social media to share what a regular workday at the office looks like or use Reels and TikToks to create a series of behind-the-scenes videos.

Make the most of short videos to showcase the feelings of your staff and highlight the aspects that make your company unique. 

  1. Show Your Customers How to Use Your Products/Services and Answer their Queries

Customers, especially prospective ones, are always looking for answers. As a company with a good social media presence, you must use how-to videos to answer some basic questions that they might have.

For instance, if you retail garden supplies, you can create videos around common gardening questions that people might have, like how to add manure to the soil, five simple steps to take care of your plants, etc. 

You can also use a how-to video to collate all your customers’ queries and then answer them through a video. If you are launching a new product that has never been seen in the market, you need to educate your consumers about the same. How-to videos can come in quite handy here as well.

You can create a dedicated YouTube channel for your business where you can post these how-to videos. You can also create a shorter version of these videos to promote them on channels like Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

  1. Educate Your Customers 

People are now using social media as their source of information as they often do not have time to read the news. Therefore, you can use digital platforms to educate your customers about different things related to the product line you deal with and the sector in which you operate. 

When you create educational videos, you showcase yourself as a powerful resource and a go-to company for all your answers on issues in a particular domain.

Hence, you should work on educating your customers and clearing some of the misconceptions that they might have about your product or service.

You can use your YouTube channel to promote your educational content and try collecting feedback on how you can make things better. 

  1. Go Live!

The best thing about using videos to promote your business is having many video formats at your disposal. You can choose any video format based on your purpose and the kind of engagement you want these videos to get.

Social media platforms, like Instagram, have features like live videos. You can use these features to interact with your audience in real-time and connect better with them.

You can also use the story feature on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. if you want to share short snippets. These can include giveaways, discount coupons, etc. Make sure you use these unique features to engage well with your audience. 



Videos are the most versatile tool for reaching out to your consumers and conveying your message. You must use video content to showcase the value propositions of your business. Make the most of this medium to engage with your audience and entertain them.